Five on Friday: My Favorite Bloggers

Today’s Five on Friday focuses on my “coworkers.”  As most of you know, I work from home so human contact is reduced to waiting for the mailman and talking to my manager on the phone.

Side note: Greg thinks it funny that I can be in the middle of something and hear the mailman.  What can I say, it’s a highlight of my day.

Now about these “coworkers”, almost everyday they share their lives with their readers (me) and I feel like I know them.  Hence, they are my coworkers.  Reading their blogs is like water cooler talk for me, albeit one-sided water cooler talk.  They provide me with inspiration for the house and to work on posting more.   They are the cool kids who talk to me (and thousands of other people).  There are tons of other blogs out there that focus on the same topics but these are the ones I enjoy on a daily basis.

I hope that you find inspiration from my “coworkers” or feel inspired to start on a project of your own.  Happy Friday!

1. Young House Love

I heart John, Sherry, Clara & Burger.  They’ve inspired us to project. I talk about them to Greg like I know them.  Sometimes they share their failures but they always share the joy/sense of accomplishment you get from completing a project. Now they have a book out full of fun house projects and guest writers.

So go find inspiration by buying their book now!  I already have it on my Christmas list.

2. My Old Country Home

Lesli rocks and not because she painted my Indy so perfectly for my mom.  She’s not step by step like Young House Love but she provides get inspiration for how something could look.  It’s like she took the leap for you and now you can safely paint that dress teal without worrying how it will end up looking.  Plus her dogs and cow paintings are really cute.

By the way- if you want to have your pet captured on canvas, she is the way to go.  Here’s Indy dog.

3. Kristen F. Davis Designs

Kristen provided the inspiration for our dining room and for that, I am eternally a reader.  She offers great advice and inspirations for revamping a room.  Her blog focuses on stenciling, refinishing furniture/cabinets, and murals.  She has painted some very whimsical rooms.

4. Design*Sponge

I should feel bitter to Design Sponge for not featuring my dining room but I love them because I was under consideration.  Ok, that’s not the only reason I love them.  They are more a home design blog but one day your house can look like this type of blog.

5. The Non Consumer Advocate

Katy teaches her readers how to use it up, wear it out, make do, or do with out.  Reading her blog reminds me to watch what I spend or find other ways to buy an item (used, refurbished).  With Greg getting his degree in sustainability, I am attempting to make our DIYing/living more sustainable. Hopefully she can provide you with some ideas as to how to change your habits.

Happy Friday!


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