With This Ring . . .

A few weeks ago I posted a teaser shot from when Greg and I ventured to NYC for a day dedicated to wedding ring making.  When Greg proposed, it was with a ring he made for me.  When we tell people that, they tend to think he work with a jeweler to design a ring.

Nope, he started with a piece of platinum and turned it to my ring.

We decided that we wanted to make each others wedding band because it meant more to us than buying a ring.  Plus we’re dorky DIYers.

Side note: Unlike most projects, we didn’t save any money making it ourselves.  It costs us more money to make it ourselves but it was worth it.

The day started before the sun even decided to make an appearance.  We headed up to NYC by train in the dreary rain.  We worked with New York Wedding Ring to create the rings.  Sam runs the company and is a blast to work with.  He made the process seem so simple and easy.

Ok, not that easy because I had to keep asking for help.

I’m going to give you a brief summary of the day.

1. Handed a piece of raw white gold.

2. Attempted cutting it.

3. Sam realized it’s going to be a challenging day with me after seeing I had not finished cutting the gold.

4. Play with fire.

5. Bend gold into ring shape on fun machine.

6. Fail at that and spend hours (ok, 30 minutes) fixing the ring with a hammer.

7. Glare at Greg who seems to be breezing through the whole process.

8. Set it on fire some more.

9. Solder it.

10- 15a. Sand it. with various grades of sand paper.

10- 15b. Rethink this whole “make if yourself”thing.

10- 15c. Try to figure out if there is still time to catch a cab up to Tiffany’s.

10- 15d. Glare at Greg some more.

16. Hammer Greg’s ring.

17. Resize Greg’s ring because it was too big.

18. Rehammer Greg’s ring.

19. Sand it some more.

20.  Buff it.

21.  Let Sam take over because there was a problem.

22.  Sam tries to fix it another way.

23. And another way.

24.  Sam buffs it to a polished shine.

25. Photo shoot of our rings.

26. Head to dinner at 9pm.

I’m not going to lie, I spent about 20 minutes back at the hotel staring at it in disbelief of what we accomplished.  If you have an opportunity, spend the time (and the money) on making something for a loved one.  Sure our bands are simple but they mean so much more to us because we made the other person.

Since I’m all about disclosure on the blog, the rings cost us $2200 to make.  Greg’s is a 8mm white gold hammered band and mine is a 3mm comfort fit platinum band.  Greg and I both got a 5 percent discount due to our small fingers.


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