Merry Medaling

Years ago, I did a 10 mile race to prove to a friend I could do it without running.  We both finished (although I think she thought I would take the subway and not finish) and we started doing more races.  Sure, Kathy ran but it started a thing for us.

Fast forward a few years when my friend Steph was running the Philadelphia Marathon and I decided to go cheer for her with our friend Michele . . . and a McLovin’ poster because we couldn’t find a Barny Stinson poster.

Why a Barney Stinson poster?  Mainly for this reason:

But Greg ran that marathon and I Facebooked him to see if he saw McLovin’.  He didn’t but we started talking again, he came to a party, and the rest is our history.

I know, enough of the lovefest.  Fastfoward to the next year, when we had Barney Stinson wearing one of my medal because I had nothing else to do with them.

You see, since the first race with Kathy and the hundreds more with Greg, we started getting jewelry– sparkly objects which get me to finish a race.


Medals which prove I finished a race.  You see, I’m not the athletic type but I found my sport– walking races.  Now the problem is what to do with all these medal.  Greg has some and I have some (Greg has more) but they needed a home.  These are just from this year and I should be getting one more at another race.

Enter the thread rack.  Joann’s sells thread racks in various sizes which are perfect to hang necklaces or medals on.  We’ve been using them for years but then we discovered Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

Holy crap, does it take it to a whole new level.

What you will need to make a medal or necklace rack.

  • One Joann’s Thread Rack (whatever size you want)
  • 24″of ribbon
  • Staple gun
  • Cardboard

Step One

Go to Joann’s with a coupon ( and buy a thread rack and ribbon.

Step Two

Go to Home Depot/Lowe’s for the ORB spray paint.  Sadly Michael’s/Joann’s/AC Moore does not sell the ORB there but they do sell a ton of other colors (use a coupon).

Step Three

Let it sit for month and procrastinate about projecting.

Step Four

Spray paint the rack on some cardboard.  Flip it over and spray the other side.

Step Five

Staple gun the legs together.

Step Six

Staple gun ribbon to the top corners.

Step Seven

Redo when you realize your ribbon is too long.

Step Eight

Hang your pretty medals on it.



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