Five on Friday: Merry Merry!

Ok, I’m not going to lie– I’ve been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks.  I love the holiday season, it’s such a fun and festive time.  It seems like people are nicer to one another and there is always a fun party to attend. Yesterday we even started to decorate . . .  by putting the holiday scarf on Hazel.

Today’s Five on Friday focuses on ways to make the holiday more fun and cheerful. Most of the five feature holiday traditions my family follows during the season that I wanted to share with you.  And now on to the Five!

1. Christmas Crackers/Poppers


Years ago, before my parents had cable, they watched a British programs on PBS and they always had an odd thing happening during Christmas episodes– they wore paper crowns.  My dad would makes some comment about them being odd and that would be it.  Until a few years ago when I found a box at the store.  The paper crowns come in an item called a cracker.  Crackers have slowly been gaining traction stateside making them much easier to find.  Each cracker has a toy, a joke, and a paper crown.  Our Christmas meal isn’t complete without a cracker at the table for everyone.

2. Christmas Wrapping


I love wrapping Christmas presents.  True Story.  I’ve been picking up gifts for people since August (yes, I am one of those people) and I prefer to wrap gifts in paper designated to a specific person.  My mom started us on this path and it has worked 0ut very well.  Heck, I bought four rolls of paper from Hallmark at the end of October due to a sale.  As you can guess, Greg’s paper is covered with puppies.

3. Reindeer Cake Balls/ Trailer Trash Truffles


Who doesn’t love a cake ball or trailer trash truffle?  First they are super easy to make and second they are delicious.  The Reindeer Cake Balls are incredibly easy to make and a hit at any party.  You don’t have to color them red especially since someone pointed out it looked like the reindeer was bleeding when you bit into it.

4. Christmas Playlist


If you are going to be projecting, you need some music to get you in the mood.  Music is always on when we project (thank you Sirius Radio for being awesome).  The key to a great holiday is a perfect playlist.  Seriously.  A few years ago I made a Christmas mix CD as my Christmas card and people are still talking about how great it was.

5. Santa Sack


We don’t have children yet but when we do, we are stealing this idea.  Once the tree goes up, you place a Santa sack under the tree for each child.  Each child must fill the bag with ten toys they no longer want.  On Christmas Eve, Santa takes the toys to be donated to other children.  It’s a great way to teach children about giving back and decluttering.

Have a great weekend!


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