Christmastime is Here!

Why does Santa’s sled get such good mileage?
Because it has long-distance runners on each side.

We’ve been in full Christmas mode around the Casa (hence the lack of living room posts)! Greg and I kick started the Christmas Season off with a lovely 10 mile run in Virginia Beach. Sure, you’re all looking at this going, “A ten mile run for Christmas?”

Yes, a 10 mile Surf-n-Santa run sponsored by Sam Adams which ends in a huge Christmas party and free beer. Free Sam Adams beer which makes it so much better.

Oh and we got to tell Santa what we wanted . . .


And he granted it to us.


At that point we realized it’s December 10th and we have no decorations up.



The tree went up the next night and we had an enjoyable time reminiscing as we hung our ornaments. You see, we started this tradition of picking up ornaments when we travel somewhere . . .


And we also have ones that fit our personality. I think you can guess which one is mine.


I will admit that this year we didn’t go full out on decorations because the living room isn’t 100% done and the dining room still is messy from the living room project but I did make our family room welcoming. We love decorating the mantel and this year Hazel was a very good girl who left our stockings alone. We added the garland to our mirror after needing to hit a specific price when ordering our wedding envelopes for free shipping. It turned out to be a very festive purchase.


But then she wanted to be involved in the photoshoot . . .


let me take a few pictures . . .


and promptly got bored when she realized there was no food.


Speaking of our baby, she met Santa this year at PetSmart. When we took her last year, she was a tiny thing who Santa could hold on his lap. This year, she is a mighty big dog who Santa could barely hold. You can actually see the picture from last year in the first mantel picture.


Hope your holiday is very merry and bright!

Next week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of living room posts and maybe a few wedding projects.


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