Five on Friday: New Year’s Resolutions

How many of us start off the year with a list of resolutions that we want to stick to.  Sure most of us stick to them for about a month and haphazardly throughout the year.  Maybe it’s because we are lazy or just didn’t find the right inspiration.

I’m going with it’s because I didn’t find the right inspiration and not because I’m lazy.  Today’s Five on Friday are a few things which might help you keep some of those new year’s resolutions.

Happy Friday!


1. Oreo Smoothie


With the post holiday addiction to sweets, this might be the trick to slowly ease myself into the eating right.  I’m a huge WeightWatcher’s recipe fan because they offer healthy solutions and talk about portion control.  Plus smoothies remind me of summer which I want to be here now.

2. Big Bang Theory Workout


I’m lazy and have been super lazy over the past two months.  With a wedding (need to tone up), a half marathon, and a triathlon on the horizon, it’s time to get in shape.  Once January 1 hits, everyone seems to want to workout.  This is an easy workout—it’s set to the Big Bang Theory.  Any workout I can do while enjoying Sheldon is ideal.

3. Organize, Organize, Organize


Doesn’t everyone want to organize something after the holiday?  This DIY drawer system seems perfect since it’s custom for your drawers.  Spend an afternoon organizing your drawers and check that resolution off until 2014.

4. Stay Inspired


One of the biggest issues with resolutions is staying inspired and remembering to joy life.  This print would look great on any wall and will help as a way to remain inspired throughout the year.

5. Get out and move!


It doesn’t have to be biking but think about walking more.  This handy smartphone background will remind you to get out and move!


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