Five on Friday: Savings!

My old roommate is in the process of looking for a home and is always asking out house related expenses.  Jokingly I told her to save a quarter of each paycheck for home related issues not mortgage related.  She laughed and didn’t really believe me until our other friend piped up that it’s true.

Cie la vie.

Owning a home is a great, it’s wonderful to have a place of your own but sometimes I miss renting. Yes, I know I wouldn’t have this awesome blog if I lived in an apartment but still. Take for instance last week when sewage spewed out of our basement pipe and onto our washer and dryer units while they were running.  The previous week we had a sink backup when I did the laundry but dranoed it.

Apparently was not enough for this issue.

One call to a plumbing service and $678 later, we had our pipe cleaned out all the way to sewer.  They even capped what we thought was an air vent from which the sewage spewed.

Greg and I had been saving our pennies to buy discount tickets to the Black Tie Tailgate for the Philadelphia Auto Show but instead they went to plumbing. We decided to make the smart decision since we have other things to save for this year.

Blah blah blah.

So today’s Five on Friday is all about saving your pennies be it for a rainy day.


1. DIY Ranch Dressing Powder


Sure it sounds silly but when you are spending over $1.50 an envelope for the powder it makes sense to make it yourself.  I use ranch powder in a ton of recipes for added flavor.  Having a jar of it on hand will prevent me from needing to constantly by the packets.

2. 52 Week Money Challenge


Want to save $1378 by the end of the year?  Take the challenge!  Week one, you save one dollar.  On week two, you save two dollars and so on.  It will be a challenge to budget for it towards the end of the year but think about it.

3. Small Cutbacks


Infographic time!  It’s easy to save money around the house and this infographic illustrate where you can save money.  I don’t necessarily agree with all of the cutbacks (the gym for instance) but it’s a nice way to see where you spend money in the home.

4. $5 Jar


I’m calling this one the $5 Jar because that is what it is in our house.  Every time we have a $5 bill in our wallets, it goes into the jar.  If we have two $5 bills, only one goes in.  It’s been a great way to help us randomly save our money.  Greg’s parents have a change jar which they turn in once it fill us.  You will be surprised at home much money you can save through one of these jars.  This year, we treated ourselves to a nice night out with the money from the jar (we started it in the fall).

This is one you can DIY for whatever you are saving up for.  Greg wants to turn ours into an Eiffel Tower jar for our honeymoon savings.

5. Target Sales


Who doesn’t love Target?  I know I do.  This site details how Target’s markdown schedule works and when certain items will be marked down.  It’s information which is handy to have around.  The best part is they tell you what the holiday sale schedule is.

Happy Friday!


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