LLVLR: Rollin’ on the Walls

Ready for our second to last post about our grand living room adventure?  By this point, we were on our last day of vacation and adhering to a strict timeline for getting this room done.  We jacked up the music and busted out our Tina moves since we were rolling . . . on the walls.

Ok, there might have a been a few Tina dance moves too.

It’s funny how home projects progress over two years.  Two years ago, we though painting was a challenge.  Now it’s the least of our concerns.  We’ve learned how to tape the room, remove the tape but most of all, we learned our respective jobs when it comes to paint.

Having respective jobs sounds silly but it’s helped us create a rhythm when painting a room.  Greg has his job of rolling, I have mine of cutting, and Hazel has a bully stick to keep her entertained.

Before we even started this room, we started debating colors.  Our original plan did not involve elaborate board and batten but a simple dove grey color on the wall.

You see how well that idea panned out.

While perusing the paint swatches at Lowe’s we found a color we loved.

Academy Gray by Valspar.

I had it color matched to a Behr color (because we love our Behr paint) and selected another color to try out and we lived with big blocks of color on the wall for a few weeks.

In the end, we knew the Academy Gray fit the room perfectly.

Before we put any sort of fun color on the walls, the ceiling needed our attention.  If you want to paint a ceiling, do yourself a favor and select a paint that is color tinted.  Our Valspar ceiling paint went on light purple but dried white.


Best thing ever.


Spend the extra $4 and select this.

After that dried, we painted the board and batten along with all the trim.  We did not tape any of this up because the blue would be covering any white that ventured into the blue’s home.  We used our Benjamin Moore white trim paint to cover the board and batten.  We originally purchased it for other rooms and decided to continue using it here.  There are no rules for painting board and batten but typically people paint it white.  We debated painting just the wood white and having the wall a color but decided against that quickly.


We painted everything—the wall , crowning molding, and Billy.


What a difference the one coat of paint made.  Then we moved on to the second coat of paint two hours later (just as the instructions stated).


Somewhere around 5pm, we began taping the room for the bold color.  We added the first coat and were in love.



Three hours later, we were celebrating.


Sure, we still have touching up to do but it’s love.

What?  Did you think I would ruin the big reveal with a picture of the room after we finished painted?

Stay tuned for the big reveal and our budget breakdown!


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