LLVLR: The Big Reveal

Are you ready for the board and batten with built-ins reveal?  After weeks of me slowly posting about and us spending five straight days continuously working on it with only a break for Thanksgiving, we are ready to share the end results.

But before we do, let’s recap what happened–

Which bring us to today’s post– the big reveal and breakdown.  Two years ago we never would have thought we could accomplish something as elaborate as our living room.  We’ve had help from our friends and family as we make this house our own.

Heck, we’ve even had help from random YouTubers.

Let’s start with the before. . .

living room

Then our imagined. . .

Living room1

And the reality.






A few unexpected bonuses–

  • The chair brings the dining room color into the room.
  • The wall color pairs nicely with the blue tile in our hallway (the accent tiles are blue)
  • Hazel’s portrait (a surprise Christmas present for Greg)

Now for the financial breakdown and our giant pile of receipts-


cost breakdown

When we started talking about this project, I decided to save my Discover cashback for this room.  By the time it came to project, I had over $300 set aside.  We applied the credit when we bought the Billy bookcases.  I should also add this number does not factor in taxes.  I also made an oops with the nails– the actual price of the nails was closer to $30.  Originally, we figured a budget of a few hundred dollars but did not expect it to cost us over $1000.

In the end, it was the most we’ve spent on a project but we completely transformed our room.  We added bookcases and crown molding.  At one point, we attempted to figure out how much this would have cost to have a professional do it but the internet wasn’t helpful in that search.

We purchased the couches and chair from Macy’s during a sale with 12 months interest free for just under $1900 (including shipping).  The curtains are from Target ($60) but I have a blue panel ($30) to insert which will bring the curtains to the floor.  The zebra print footstool is a repurposed footstool (a later post) that I covered in Target curtain fabric ($30).

As you can tell, I had a ton of fun at Target.

If you are wondering about the big empty space next to the loveseat, Hazel’s crate will be moving there.  We joked that Hazel’s getting the best bedroom in the house.

So I guess you’re wondering “What’s next?”

Well, we need to find a coffee table and side tables for the couch.  I need to finish covering the pillows.  The little table next to the chair needs to be refinished.  As with most things, the room will truly never be done.

Hope you enjoyed following us project this room as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing our decorating plans.


7 thoughts on “LLVLR: The Big Reveal

  1. Came over from YHL. Awesome makeover! Love the detailed list, my fav being the priceless awesome fiance! What is that color on the wall?

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