Taking Shape

Greg and I have been on a hunt . . . a hunt for an ottoman. As much as we loved our IKEA coffee table, it just did not meet our growing needs in the family room.


Ignore our mess, we were heading out and I wanted to get the shot in natural light. As you can tell my book addiction follows me into this room too.

Growing needs?

Yes, we used to keep our blankets in a corner on a footstool. The footstool is now residing in our living room and looking completely different. But we were left with a big old pile of blankets. Sure we could organize the wet bar closet and try to fit them in there but that would lead to a project we aren’t ready to tackle.

Side note: We knew if we started on that closet, we’d wouldn’t be happy just organizing it, we would have to remove the sink and build shelving. Not happening with weddingpalooza of crafting happening on our weekend.

Shape was definitely important to us, as was height (much like dating). There are a multitude of rectangular storage ottomans out there and many of them are just a tiny bit too low. We wanted a nice big old square ottoman.

Earlier in the week, we received a Macy’s ad with an ottoman but it had horrible reviews online.

So we put the ottoman on the backburner . . . until Sunday.

We were shopping at Sam’s Club and saw an ottoman. Greg loved it and immediately started playing with it. I was on the fence until I saw that the one side lifted up to table height.


Sold! $299 later and a few sales people later, we had it in our car.


By the way, it totally fit in our Prius. Greg jokes that we can’t go into a warehouse type store without making at least one outrageous purchase (our patio set is from BJ’s). The ottoman came in one piece and you just had to add the feet.


Hazel helped Greg put it together.


We moved the built ottoman into the family room and it clicked.


The stitching is a cream color which ties to the color of the couch. The oversizedness of it pulls the chair in more with the set.


Best of all, it holds all our blankets and pillows while serving as our dinner table (the other side lifts open normally).


Now I just have to try the pinterest rubbing alcohol tip for cleaning the couch!


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