On the first day . . .

. . . Greg created light. Ok, not really but he completely surprised me by installing my closet chandelier.

Earlier in the day I had left man and puppy with a to do list while I ventured into the Jerz (New Jersey for all of you not in the know) to attend a friend’s bridal shower. While I got to enjoy girl time Greg had to write a paper and finish cutting wedding invitations. Hazel had to behave/nap in the sunlight.

Greg told me he had a surprise for when I got back.

Know what I was thinking– those invites better be cut.

They weren’t but it was fine because of this.

My chandelier! Sadly he failed the blog by not taking a before shot. The original light was one if those bare bulb deals. We bought this chandelier back in July when we had to replace our surf board shaped kitchen light after Greg took it out with my pension papers. I saw it hanging at Lowes and fell in love with its sparkliness. It provides much more light in the closet . . . Which highlights the closet flaws.


Don’t you love the shadows it creates on the ceiling?

Now it makes me want to paint/better organize the closet.

The light cost us $98 but the completely changed the feel of the closet. It made it more opulent. A light fixture can easily change the mood of a room for a relatively low cost and minimal work.


With the light off

Oh, if you’re wondering about the invites, he cut the rest out when I got home.


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