Five on Friday: Share the Love

Four years ago yesterday Greg and I had the most awkward movie night ever.  I think 13 years old date better than us.  He came over to watch a movie or two . . . . and about five episodes of Freaks and Geeks.  Somewhere around 5am, he decided to leave and we had the most awkward good-bye at my door.

Awkward= no kiss, no handshake, no nothing.

What was a girl to think?  After consulting with my roommate and analyzing the date and previous email correspondences, a conclusion was reached, demand a do-over date for the next Saturday which happened to be Valentine’s Day.

Greg beat me to the punch and called to ask for a second chance.

He showed up the next weekend with a bottle of wine and a candle.

But most importantly, he kissed me.

With Valentine’s Day a few days away, here are some great ideas to share love with those in your life.

Happy Friday! (For those of you in the Northeast, stay safe with all the snow coming your way)


1. Beer and Pretzel Cupcakes


Can you imagine the smile on people’s faces when you show up somewhere with these cupcakes?  When I worked in an office (before Hazel became my coworker), I tended to bring baked goods to the office on Valentine’s Day.  Usually I was the first person in which gave and plenty of time to setup a cupcake at everyone’s cube.

2. 52 Reasons


What better way to show the person you love all the reasons you love them.  Of course, if it was us, Greg would be getting cards that say, “I love you because you let me blame by stink bombs on the dog.”  All you need is a deck of cards and a marker for this easy craft.

3. Chocolate Martini


In case you haven’t figured it out, a Five on Friday really isn’t complete without a cocktail just like Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a cocktail (or two).  Go decadent with a chocolate martini for the one you love.  Just don’t do it at work.

4. Love-ly Sign


An easy way to cheer up your mantle or cube- grab some reinforced clothesline and some yarn.  You can write out any message and then wrap it in ribbon.

5. You’re DINO-MITE!


Making friends at work (or school) is very important.  Bring them some candy to make them smile.  Remember they are the ones who can cover for you when you need a longer lunch.


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