Pretty Pretty Puppy Painting

Now if you were paying close attention to the finished living room, you might have noticed a painting. More specifically a painting of Hazel. I bet you’re wondering if there is a story behind it or who did such an amazing painting.

Ok, I just like to think that you are wondering that so I can leading to my Hazel painting story.


For Mother’s Day last year, we had a portrait of my family dog (Indy) done for my mom. After seeing Young House Love’s portrait of their dog Burger, I knew we had to have Lesli DeVito paint it.

Then after seeing our Indy portrait, Greg knew we had to have one of Hazel.

Of course, being the more rational one when it comes to spending on Hazel, I told him, “No, maybe when she is older.”

Side note: Of course we’ll be getting another one when she’s older too.

A few months later, we got serious about redesigning the living room and I got to thinking about how amazing a Hazel portrait would look in this room since it will be her new bedroom.

Ok, we’ve taken to calling it her pretty pretty puppy room. She’s just mad that it’s not Tangled themed.

Side note: Hazel likes to watch Tangled. I wish I was kidding.

So I emailed Lesli who offered a few suggestions and a background color for the painting after seeing our living room design. A few days later, we bought living room furniture and a chair to match the painting.

Do you know how hard it was to convince Greg to buy a seafoam chair without uttering the words, “It’ll match Hazel’s painting.”

A few weeks later Hazel arrived and I immediately had to wrap it or else I would have caved and given it to Greg.


About a month later, it was finally Christmas, he tore into the package like a bat out of hell . . . and smiled.

greg-open       greg-happy

A few reasons you should work with Lesli

1. Super talented

2. Great communication . . . once you both realize that the dog has died and not your mother.

3. Look at how cute she wrapped the painting!  See above.

4. Even Hazel approves


Ok, she sort of approves.  I think she’s still upset the room isn’t Tangled themed.

How it works

1. Email Lesli

2. Send her a bajillion pictures of your dog

3. Discuss what would work best.

4. Start reading her website and swoon over her decorating choices.

5.While you wait, send her a few more of your dog with cows since she also paints cows.


6. Get all excited when your painting comes.

7. Email Lesli a million thank yous . . . . and everyone else you know with a dog to show them how awesome Hazel is.

Can you guess which picture she used to base the painting off of?



One thought on “Pretty Pretty Puppy Painting

  1. I love the picture!! I think my mom should have one of little ole me in her office at the worky place. That way she won’t feel bad all day when she can’t see me. XOXO – BACON

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