Cash Flow More Like Cash Flown

Greg and I are idiots.

Correction—Greg and I are poor idiots.

In the past month we spent $670 on furniture (not including our $160 monthly Macy’s couch payment). We saw the ottoman and bought it.


We fell in love with lamps and tables at Target.*


Found a great mirror cabinet for the dining room.*


*Pictures coming soon.

Then got slammed with a $756 car repair bill on my baby and conveniently forgot about our plumbing bill of $730 from January.

Again, we’re idiots.

Side note: Mom/Dad don’t worry, we paid it all off and are not broke.

We’ve been so wrapped up in finishing rooms that we forgot about the fundage. Next weekend, we have friends and family in town for my shower and wanted the house to be perfect. One trip to Target for shampoo resulted in lamps and tables. Another trip to Homegoods for pillows resulted in pillows and a mirror cabinet for the dining room.

D@mn you, Target!
On a positive note, our house looks amazeballs!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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