How Are They Hanging?

Yep, our curtains are finally done and hanging!  And they are well hung.


Come on, I had to make that joke.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the great curtain search of 2012.  With so many colors happening in the living room, I was trying to find a fabric which worked with all of them.  Spoonflower was great for the selection but then I started debating painting my own chevron curtains using the wall paint.

Then I went to Target.


Side note: you are going to be reading, “Then I went to Target,” many more times when discussing living room décor.  For some reason, Target must have been reading my mind this winter.

I found the zebra print curtain fabric which was used on the footstool.  Then I found a pretty grey/silver curtain which looked great hanging in the living room.  Only problem, the curtains were about six inches shorter than they needed to be.


After a failed trip to Joann’s to find a similar fabric in blue to lengthen the curtains, I went back to Target.  They had the same curtain in a blue which practically matched the wall color.


At first I was going to add the length to the bottom of the grey curtain but the blue would be lost.  Since the grey curtains were two tone (lighter on top, darker on the bottom), the blue would be perfect between the two , creating more of a color block look.

Now how to do this (it’s really easy if you can sew a straight line).

1. Lay your original curtain on the ground.


2. Cut between the two greys.

3. Lay the blue curtain on the ground.


4. Check on the puppy.

5. Get a few puppy kisses.

6. Cut the blue curtain between the two blues.

7. Cut the darker blue into two strips seven inches wide. (I cut a 14″ piece which I then cut in half)


8. Pin end to the lighter grey color (right sides facing each other).

9. Sew them.

10.  Pin the other blue side to the dark grey piece of curtain.

11. Sew.

12. Repeat for the other curtain.

13. Hang them up.

Total cost: $90

Total time needed: 1 hour

Don’t they look pretty.


Side note: the only reason you are getting a picture of one completed curtain is that the other one is clipped away from Hazel’s crate since it is now next to the curtain.  Once she stops stressing over the move, we can unclip the curtain.

If you look closely at the curtain rod, it’s the same fleur de leis curtain rod but spray painted it silver to match the room.  It’s amazing what a can of Rustoleum Hammer Silver spray paint can do.

Stepping back and looking at the room as a whole, the curtains offer a nice subtle pop of blue to pull the wall color further down along the wall.  Unlike a chevron pattern, the curtains let the room’s overall design speak for itself and doesn’t overwhelm it by throwing in another pattern.

Now if you are debating making curtains or modifying curtains, don’t be fearful!  If you mess up, you can always pick up another curtain at Target.

Next up—pillows!


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