Let’s Talk Target

I guess you noticed we’ve changed a few things in the room when I posted this amazing picture of Hazel.  We’ve been busy moving and grooving around the house since we had family visiting due to my bridal shower.  So let’s talk about what’s new and most of it is due to Target.


When we started decorating the living room, I never thought Target would turn into the Mecca of all things awesome.

HomeGoods, yes.  Target, no.

But here we are with most accent pieces from Target.

The other day I talked about our curtains courtesy of Target . . . and our fabric for the footstool also courtesy of Target.  It feels like we got all this Target decor randomly on two shopping trips.  Trip one during a lunch break, resulted in curtains, footstool fabric and this amazing lamp.

target-hazel-cornerFrom this shot, you can’t really tell what is going on with the lamp– it’s a fillable lamp!  Greg and I visited the Finger Lakes in NY last summer and started saving our corks from the wineries.  Well, they were sitting in a container on the dining room table (it was a fancy container) collecting dust.  We added corks from the bottle of Asti we shared after getting engaged and a cork from the bottle of champagne we drank after finishing the room.

Side note: we always pick up a bottle of champagne to enjoy after one of our marathon redecorating sessions.

fillable-lampStrolling the aisles, I saw it and grabbed it.  A grey shade called out to me from another shelf and our small table was done.

Grand total- $45 ($30 for the lamp, $15 for the shade) and $30 for zebra print curtain.

Not a bad deal for a piece decorative storage.  All guesses are welcome to see how long it takes us to fill!

Next up, the focal point of the room-


As you can see, we’ve been busy.  All of these purchases resulted from a need for shampoo.  All we went into Target for was shampoo.  In fact, we didn’t get a cart!  I decided to peruse since Target does have great clearance.  That’s when we found the lamps which match Hazel’s chair perfectly.

Hazel’s chair?

hazel chair

Each lamp cost $50 and then another $25 for each shade.  You should have seen us wandering around Target– cartless, carrying a bottle of shampoo, two lamps, a hallway runner, and a few random item.s

Grand Total for lighting: $150


While perusing, we saw a table or two we liked.  Instead of purchasing at the store, we decided to couch surf Target.com and found a solid wood coffee table/end table set for $288 (with shipping).  We liked the lines of the table and how they matched the feet of the couches.

Grand Table Total- $288 for two end tables and one coffee table.

We’ve never been die hard Target fans but everything they had seemed to click with our room.  With their very reasonable prices, we were happy with our purchases.

Side note: Now that we’ve given Hazel full downstairs privilege, it’s much harder to take pictures.  Here she is during this room’s photo shoot.



5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Target

  1. Hi Diane, I think your rooms are absolutely beautiful. Especially the dining room walls and the built-in Billy’s in the LVRM. Also love the target end/coffee tables:) and the fillable lamp…ok, I love the whole thing !! Great job!!

  2. Hi There! I have the same fillable lamp that you have from Target, but I am having the hardest time finding a harp to use with my lamp shade! How did you attach your lamp shade?

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