Hop to It

Apparently Easter is a few short weeks away.  As my father would say, if I went to Church on a regular basis, I would know this.

But let’s face it, St. Patrick’s Day is the more important holiday at the moment.

So back to Easter.  The reason I realized it was coming up sooner rather than later was that my mom showed up with three shoe boxes of bunnies.


Ever since 1986, she (or the Easter bunny) gave me a rabbit figurine. Each year she would date them and write the corresponding child’s initial on it.

mommy-bunny bunnies-dates

Then when I was old enough, I would get her a rabbit.  I remember the first one I bought her was from Clover.  Does anyone else remember Clover?

When I moved into my apartment, she asked if I wanted them to decorate.  I declined.

When I moved in with the stud muffin (Greg), again she asked if I wanted them.  I declined.

Now that we have a fabulous new living room.  I accepted.

Each bunny was carefully wrapped in a combination of napkins, tissue paper, and Easter grass.

boxes-openHazel assisted me in the placement of each bunny.  Fine, Hazel slept on her chair while I scurried around the room placing bunnies all over the place.hazel-sleep

Some fit on the board & batten ledge above the couch.


The rest made their home on the bookcases or coffee tables.


It was a great time setting up the rabbits and seeing them vary from year to year.  One year I even got a tennis player rabbit since I played tennis.


Do any of you have Easter traditions?


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