Five on Friday: Excuses, Excuses

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend! I owe everyone a big apology for being such lackluster blogger. You’ve been greater readers and i hate to disappoint you. So today’s Five on Friday are my excuses.

1. Laziness- let’s face it, I can be very lazy. Typically my laptop is next to me on the couch but with wedding things needed to be printed, my laptop has been hooked up to the printer in another room. I hate disconnecting it to connect it later . . . Because I’m lazy. Sure I could write in the other room but then I’m not having quality time with Greg and Hazel like I normally do when writing from the couch.

2. Wedding- with just under 60 days to go, we are picking up with the wedding stuffola. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, I need to prioritize. Good news, I’ll be sharing our wedding invitation DIY in the next week or two. I wanted my guests to receive them first before sharing them with the internets.

3. Classes- a few weeks ago I started taking Italian with my Dad. A few weeks ago I also started taking a Ballet Burn and barre class. Needless to say they’ve put a crimp in my evenings.

4. Work- we’ve been busy (100% increase in workload from this time last year) and I’ve been exhausted with writing. As a proposal writer, words are my profession and some nights my eyes are crossed from reviewing and my brain doesn’t want to put another sentence together.

5. Greg’s wedding present- we decided to make each other a wedding present and I’ve been spending time on this project. I’m about half way done but it takes priority.

There you have it, my five lame excuses. Until things calm down, I’m striving for one post and a Five on Friday post each week. Thanks for sticking with me.

Here’s a picture of Hazel to make you smile.



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