Five on Friday: Hoppy Easter

Happy Almost Easter! We all know the best part of Easter is the food. In my family, we used to do big holiday dinners but now we go to a fancy dinner buffet where everyone gets what they really wanted. It’s quite perfect. As I was searching for topics, I decided to write about my family’s Easter traditions. Some don’t happen every year but they are still part of the family rotation.

So on to the five!


1. Egg Dying

03292013FOF1I think everyone has dyed eggs at some point and this site offers great tips. Tomorrow I’m heading over to my parents’ to help dye our eggs for Easter breakfast.

2. Easter Hats

03292013FOF2Enough said. Every little girl had an Easter hat at some point. I still miss the Easter hats because the British make hats look so good that I want to wear them more often. Easter hats also teach you an important lesson– never snap the elastic band under your chin. Boys learn this at birthday parties while wearing party hats. Girls learn it much earlier on Easter.

3. Nutella Banana Hot Pockets


My dad has started making this dish for all different holidays and it’s amazing. You should really try it!

4. Peanut Butter Eggs


My mom would make peanut butter eggs and coconut eggs every year. In fact, my dad bent a fork for her to use for dipping the eggs. Here’s a tip when dipping anything in melted chocolate– add a spoonful of Crisco because it helps thin out the chocolate, making it much easier to coat the treat.

5. Easter Bread


I’m going to start off by saying Easter bread is not for everyone especially if you don’t like the taste of anise. We started making Easter bread years ago (without the eggs) and it became tradition. It’s a tasty treat to have in the morning with your hard boiled eggs.


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