Hobby Lobby Heaven!

For St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Greg and I started on our traditional drive down to Virginia Beach for the Shamrock Marathon weekend.   Yes, we are those people who make vacations out of races but let me clarify Virginia Beach races—they are all sponsored by beer companies and you get beers after.

Beers plural.  Four after the 8k on Saturday and another four after the half/full marathon on Sunday.  Sometimes you get lucky and they forget to mark your drinks off and you get more.  Plus their medals are beer bottle openers.  It’s a win all around.

Our Virginia Beach races have some elements we always have to do—Pizza Hut lunch buffet on the way down and a meal at Hooters.

What, I like their fried pickles.

But on this trip down, something changed— we passed a Hobby Lobby.


Around us, we don’t have any.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  After seeing bloggers go to this Mecca of home goods/craftingness, I needed to go.  When we were in Daytona last year, there was one but they were closed since it was a Sunday.

After screaming, “HOBBY LOBBY, STOP!!” and making Greg turn around, we went in.


What a fabulous store.  They have everything.  It’s amazing.  Just look at how amazing it is.


Hobby Lobby is divided up into a few sections– home decor, frames, seasonal, crafts, and fabric.




Needless to say, we were a $100 poorer after leaving Hobby Lobby but I did get this gorgeous blinged out keyboard and mouse for my office.  We did google the nearest Hobby Lobby and it’s about a hour and a half away but we will definitely be taking a road trip up to the store.

And if you’re wondering how the rest of trip went, we had a blast racing and doing touristy things.




2 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby Heaven!

  1. Nice. There’s a Hobby Lobby about 45 minutes away from my house, but I have a Joann’s 10 minutes away so I pretty much fill my crafting needs there.

    P.S. love that old-timey photo of you and Greg. You know I still have the one of you, me, and Linsey from waaaay back in college when we went to Williamsburg? Great memories 🙂

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