Five on Friday: Chevron Chic

Let’s face it, the chevron design is everywhere from wedding cakes to dresses to curtains. You can’t escape it. Heck, I’ve even given into the trend by making my bridesmaids chevron clutches (fabric from Spoonflower!).


With the chevron, you have a few options on how to incorporate it– subtle or full out chevron.

I consider making chevron curtains for the living room but worried that they would look dated in a few years because chevron was so 2012-2013. Instead, I’m more of a subtle chevron girl. So today’s Five on Friday shows you how you can easily work this trend into your home either in big or smalls ways.

Happy Friday!

04052013FOF1. Friendship Bracelets


This is probably the first chevron most of us are familiar with– the friendship bracelet.  At one point in time, we were all friendship bracelet making fiends.  Who could resist such a powerful indicator of friendship.  This link offers a way to upgrade the traditional friendship bracelet to something a little more adult.

2. Chevron Rug

04052013FOF2Create your own chevron run with an Ikea rug! It will take some time to make all the lines perfect but what a great way to spend an afternoon in the sun (in my world you are painting this on a nice sunny day outside).  You can customize it to match whatever room it is going in.

3. DIY Chevron Lamp


Much like the rug, this lamp tutorial offers you a chance to make something chevron for your room.  Nice and subtle or big and bold depending on the shade size.  Just pick up some Frog tape (much better than the blue tape for sharp lines) and a test pot of paint and you will be ready to go.

4. Chevron Tray


Fun with fabric!  You can easily do this without the chevron but for today’s purposes, it’s a chevron tray for you to DIY.  Can’t5 you see this sitting on a table with a few magazine on it?

5. Chevron Backsplash


This one is a little more subtle, it’s a herringbone tile back splash that looks like a chevron pattern.  Since it’s subtle, you don’t have to worry about the chevron trend going out of style unless you pick a very bold pattern.

Have a great weekend and Go Phillies!!





2 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Chevron Chic

  1. Hey thanks! I’m a bit of an enthusiast on home decor. LOVE the chevron pattern trend, particularly for curtains. I agree that it’s best to incorporate it subtly. The backsplash looks awesome! I am looking to replace the backsplash in my own kitchen and will have to look into this some more. You’ve given me some new ideas for chevron decorating our own home, though my wife thinks we have enough already! 😉

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