Making Nonni Proud

My Nonni pressed flowers and framed them in ornate 1950s gold frames. Everyone on my dad’s side has at least one hanging in their house. Sure the colors are slightly fade but they are amazing. I remember being a little girl and going on walks with her as she picked flowers. I knew it was something I wanted to have in our house.


I like having something that resonates with family members– Greg’s mom made us a needlepoint and my mom is making a theorem painting.

I was 17 when my Nonni passed and when I graduated, I brought out the flower press kit she bought me years ago and pressed a few of my graduation roses which are now framed. I just wish I still had the kit to press a few flowers from my wedding bouquet (good thing there is Amazon!)

My parents had two smaller pressed flower arrangements of my Nonni’s but the frames were very old and beat up. Due to the fragile state of the arrangements, reframing them was not an option.


So off to Michael’s I went with coupon in hand for a gold paint pen. $4 later I was ready to refresh.


It’s very simple, just color the frame with the pen. I did one coat and waited a few hours before doing the next one.


It was a simple and inexpensive way to refresh something very old. Now my Nonni’s arrangement hangs in our hallway with important family pictures.



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