Five on Friday: The Grandmom Edition

Yesterday my Grandmom passed away at the youthful age of 92 after a long battle with old age. For the past twelve years she has been my only grandparent and the best one any person could have. All of my friends knew Grandmom (or Gmom as we referred to her in email) mostly due to my Sunday morning phone calls or need to send her a postcard from a trip. She loved knowing what was happening in our lives and sharing pictures with her.


For the past two years, she’s been Greg’s only grandparent too. He always made it a point to join me on any trips we took to visit her. Since we got the newest iPhone, we have FaceTimed with her when my parents were visiting although we’re not completely sure she understood what was going on. So today’s Five on Friday is all about my grandmom.

1. Magic Square Cookie Bars


My grandmom made the best magic square cookies. For some reason no one’s cookie bars have ever lived up to hers. Maybe it’s because she’s a grandmom that they tasted good or because she modified the recipe but whatever she did to them, it was like eating crack.

2. Bouffant


Ahhh the iconic bouffant which she was a huge fan of. She managed to rock this hairstyle her whole life. For the better part of my life, it was the dark, four inch high poof (ok, maybe not four inches but close to it). After successfully overcoming uterine cancer, she went to her natural color of grandmom grey and lowered the poof just a bit. She looked so much shorter after that.

3. Bingo


Greg wanted to contribute to today’s five and stressed adding Bingo. For the past year, my grandmom has been housebound and she developed a love for bingo. One of her aides would bring it for them to play in the afternoon. Whenever we went up, she wanted to play bingo with us. When we called, she would tell us that they had just played/or were going to play bingo. It was great time to spend the afternoon playing with her and watching her kick everyone’s butt.

4. Red Lipstick


Besides maintaining the retro bouffant, my Grandmom loved to wear red lipstick. I remember watching her put it on and sometimes she would even put a little on me. Good thing MAC makes the best retro red color. Might have to go buy some to remember her.

5. Sunday Phone calls


Every Sunday for as long as I can remember I talked to my grandparents. Even when I went to college, I still called them every Sunday to talk. Over the past few months, the phone calls had gotten hard due to her failing memory but it was still nice to talk to her and tell her about my week. This past Sunday Greg talked to her after I did and apparently I was up there making lunch for her and then we were going to figure out how to spend our afternoon.


6. Pancakes


This one is actually about my Grandpa, my grandparents lived in Connecticut and when we would go visit, we would leave after breakfast on Sunday. Usually breakfast was donuts or English muffins (they loved English muffins) but I told my grandpa that I no one ever makes me pancakes. Well the next morning, he was up making me pancakes. To this day, I can still see him in his PJs and black slippers making me pancakes at the stove.

These are just a few memories of my grandmom and I hope you enjoyed reading them. Happy Friday.



4 thoughts on “Five on Friday: The Grandmom Edition

  1. That was so nice, Diane! Your grandparents were a big part of my childhood. My parents and Marie and Al would vacation together after they retired. My favorite recipe of your Grandmother’s was a cheese puff casserole. And she would make a cheese-free version for the only two Italians that I know who hated cheese: my Dad and John Pesavento.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear you lost your Gmom. This is a lovely tribute, and it’s clear that she is well loved and will be missed. May she go forth shining!

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