Making Plans

Now that we are back and ready to house project, Greg and I began laying out our 2013 plans.

sam adams

Ok, the last six months of 2013 plans.  We had a few hours to fill during our drive home from Boston (yay, minimoon) and started talking long and short term projects.  We found it’s best to be on the same page with projects otherwise you end up with our master bathroom—a room that’s sort of started but not really.

Since it’s a holiday weekend, we figured it’s time to start projecting and we came up with these short term goals (as in the next few weeks)

1. Landscape the front of the house.

We did a good job weeding and cleaning it up a few weeks ago so we didn’t look like those neighbors everyone complains about.  We didn’t want to get too involved since we feared poison ivy on the big day.  The game plan is to plant some annuals, remove the big ugly bush by the front door and mulch.  If possible, remove the rest of the stones from the mailbox.

2. Clean up the side of the house.

We’ve been avoiding this for two years.  This summer we plan to figure out this area a bit better but this weekend’s goals are just to clean it up to see what we are working with.

3. Hem the curtains.

I needed a longer ironing board than my baby one.  Good thing my mom bought a new one because she gave me her old one! Woohoo to hand me downs.  This is a project that should take too long, at most an hour.

4. Install Sam Adams Beer Bottle Opener

Speaks for itself.  Greg already picked out the bottle opener’s new home.

5. Find our counter/table tops.

The house got messy the day before/of/after the wedding and we didn’t have the energy to deal with when we came home from Boston.  This weekend we begin Operation Organization.

I bet you’re asking what is Operation Organization, let me tell you—

Mid Term Projects

1. Operation Organization.

Reorganize our closet, cabinets, and drawers.  What worked for us three years ago when we just shoved items in a drawer isn’t working for us now.  We need to develop a clear plan on action and dedicated homes for our items.  And Greg needs to create new shelves for our hallway closet.

2. Wet Bar


It’s on the summer’s project list, we’re converting the wet bar closet into a functioning closet without a sink.

3. Pavers

Our side yard’s shrubs are edges with railroad ties.  We want to remove the eyesore and replace it with pavers which continue into the backyard edging the mulch around the deck.  We used leftover river rock around the deck and it did the job for one summer but needs to be replaced.

4. Basement Doors

Finally finish painting the basement doors and install doorknobs.

5. Talk to Patio Enclosures

As much as we love our patio, we have a few issue with the windows.  We want to talk to Patio Enclosures to see what our options are.

Long Term Projects

1. Basement Flooring

Last year we replaced all the drainage outside and the sump pump inside the house to see if it reduced any of the water issues we had in 2011.  After one massive hurricane, our basement remained dry.  We now want to reinstall some type of carpet downstairs.

2. Office Fun

We’re debating attempting to install hardwood flooring in this room and then building a massive built in desk for us.  This is a very tentative plan.

3. Master Bathroom

I know we keep saying, “Maybe this year”.  So I’m going to be consistent, maybe this year.

4. Hallway

We want to spruce it up with a coat of paint and hang some lovely prints we purchased.

What are some projects you have planned for yourselves?


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