Taking Out The Trash

Ever since we got back from our minimoon, Greg and I have been a home improvement rampage.

Seriously, remember this list? We’ve dove head on first into it. Over the long holiday weekend it was like we were on a mission.

Dad, before you say/ask it, it wasn’t a mission from God.

Side note: the only reason I put that in is because my Dad is a huge Blues Brothers fan and it’s a quote from there.

One of the easiest projects was something that we both have seen floating around on Pinterest– trash can holes.

Know when you put a new bag in the trash can and the bag just balloons over what ever trash you put in there. Then you have to unhook the trash can to let the air out. Sigh, first world problems.

Greg hates this ballooning. I don’t because I tend not to take out the trash (it’s why I have a husband). When we began our house project palooza, he had the drill out for another project and was doing his husbandly duties of taking out the trash. That’s when I added another project to the to do list.

“Let’s drill holes in the can!” I shouted with glee.

Greg was game because he got to use a power tool.

Side note: I recommend taking the full trash bag out before drilling into the can.

We (Greg) drilled two holes into the back of the plastic trashcan while Hazel oversaw the entire project. Took the full bag out and sighed contentedly when he saw that the durable trash bag really was as durable as they say.


Then we had the moment of truth. The new bag went in. Trash went in.


No ballooning!! There probably is a science to all of this but I’m a business person, the science is left to the engineer in the family. It wouldn’t surprise me if could explain it in detail but I don’t want to bore you.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is– if the ballooning bothers you, drill two holes.

Woohoo!! It worked and we love it.


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