Hurricane Hazel

Meet Hazel.


Meet Hazel’s favorite toy.


Meet the path of destruction from said toy.


You see, we love this toy because it exhausts Hazel while keeping her entertained for at least 40 minutes. If you have any food oriented dog, I fully recommend purchasing this indestructible food dispensing toy. But back to the path of destruction.

We noticed Hurricane Hazel’s path while working on the wet bar conversion last week. By looking at the trim and door, we could follow her preferred toy path pretty easily. She loves to push it behind the chair, hitting the telephone table, pick it up and push it back behind the chair again. Just watch.

Her path of destruction chipped three out of four legs on the telephone table.


Some days we can’t have nice things with her.

Fortunately touching up the paint is an easy fix– if you can color with markers, you can fix this.

Seriously, the solution is furniture markers. Greg and I trekked to Home Depot over the weekend (because I needed items to fix my birthday buffet) when we found out telephone table solution in the furniture cleaning aisle.

Furniture markers! The pack offers markers in a host of colors and cost about $6.


About 2 minutes after opening the front door, I had them out of the package and at the telephone table. Then I noticed how dusty/dog hair covered the legs were.

Hurricane Hazel leaves no stone unturned with her path of destruction.

One wet paper towel and package of markers later, I was ready.

1. Pick out the corresponding marker for your furniture.

2. Color the chipped spots.

3. Wipe with wet paper towel.

Side note: I wiped down soon after coloring to prevent the marker from staining the non-chipped furniture. Yes, I learned this the hard way. If you are ever over the house, don’t look too close at the one leg or you will see a marker spot.


Amazing difference? You can barely tell Hurricane Hazel blazed past the telephone table (don’t look to the right because you will still see it). To finish off the furniture facelift, I applied a coat of Orange Glo which made it look shiny and new.



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