Color Me Awesome

What a week it’s been for us!  Do you ever have those weeks that seems to have a theme?  Well, the past week it’s been an arty week for us.  We had a bunch events which enhanced the house through art.

Let’s get started.

The Uncorked Artist

As part of my birthday celebrations, we used a Groupon for the Uncorked Artist Paint Your Pet event. Now if you’ve never heard of Uncorked Artist you are in for a treat—it’s BYOB painting. Typically everyone paints the same painting while drinking. I guess it relaxing the nervous painter. We decided to do Hazel and Indy at our event. They affixed the picture of our pet to the canvas and let us have fun! The teacher gave instructions along the way and walked around the room offering advice.

By the end of the night, we had two wonderful works of art to bring home. I gave Indy’s portrait to my mom and Greg placed Hazel proudly on the mantel.20130618-160550.jpgI guess this proves Hazel truly is a spoiled puppy—we have two paintings of her and she’s not even two yet!

Ambler Arts and Music Festival

Speaking of Hazel, we paraded her around at the Ambler Arts and Music Festival on Saturday. We bring her because we love playing the game, “Tire Hazel Out.” If any of you have a dog, you’ve come to the realization that a tired dog is a good dog.


Now back to the Arts & Music Fest– Ambler closes the main street to setup booths for each vendor or as Hazel thinks of them—petting and cookie dispensing stations. We’d move a few booths and someone would want to pet her or give her a cookie.

Seriously just look.

20130618-202516.jpgWhen Greg and I attend arts fest, we have a method—go up the street looking at one side’s vendors and go down the street looking at the other side’s. We walked up the street lusting after several works of art before hitting our designated turnaround spot.


On the way back down the street, we hit Chad Rosenthal’s BBQ booth who not only opening a new restaurant in Ambler but is appearing on Food Network Star.

Apparently sad puppy dog eyes don’t work on him. Then she tried it on us. Just look at how much she wanted the pulled pork sandwich. Neither one of us was willing to give up any of the sandwich for her.


Later on she even tried to have our beer.


For the past few years, Ambler has held an Arts Fest in June and we’ve always seemed to walk away with something Philly themed. The first year we attended, a watercolor print of Boat House Row came home with us. The next year we purchased three oil paintings of different places in the city that meant something to us.

Of course, this year followed the same trend. . . .

Yep, we bought a Philadelphia print pillow from Belovely, a new store to Ambler. Walking in I knew the store and I would get along since they offered so much art from Girls Can Tell (we own several of her works). The owners mentioned they are working with the pillow artist to create an Ambler print.

Guess we know what will be getting next.

The whole time at Arts Fest I kept repeating to Greg, “We’re not buying anything,” and somehow I ended up with a $45 pillow.

20130618-202527.jpgWill power and me just don’t get along but look at how pretty (and perfectly) it matches our living room. The pillow draws the wall color down to the couch and accents the other throw pillows nicely.

Color Me Rad

We ended our artistic weekend on a very colorful note—with Color Me Rad 5k. If you’ve never done one of these color runs, I recommend finding one near you. We ran (ok, walked) with our color buddy, Michele. You start off in a white outfit and run past five color stations where volunteers douse you in color. After you finish the race, you walk around taking pictures and repeating that it’s the best race ever.



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