Five on Friday: Organize! Organize!

Our house is a mess.  It’s a mess for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Laziness
  2. Projecting on two closets
  3. Never organizing things correctly when we moved in.

You see, number two and three are our biggest contributors to the hot mess.  When we moved in, we kind of organized but if it wasn’t a regularly used item, we placed it somewhere, anywhere.  Three years later, we realized this might not have been the smartest move on our part.

We’ve (ok, I’ve) been on an organize/ring cleaning rampage recently because items need homes which lead me to Pinterest.  So today’s Five on Friday is all about organizing and cleaning.



1. Label Maker


I love label makers.  When I worked at my old job, it was taken away from me due over use of labeling . . . just because I labeled a coworker’s chair.  Now I label bins and files at home!  It might seem silly but I find the label maker highly helpful at Christmas because I label my storage bins with the rooms each bin handles.

2. Peg Board


We keep talking about organizing the garage and installing peg board to hold tools.  If you don’t have peg board or never heard of it, it’s great because you can easily hang items or small storage cups on it.  Greg and I will add this to the list of things we probably should get done in 2013.

3. Spring Cleaning


I hate to clean.  Ugh.  Greg learned pretty quickly that I refused/wasn’t going to be that 1950s housewife who was fine with all the housework/laundry.  In fact I stated that I hated laundry and cleaning bathrooms, if he wanted both of them done, he was going to have to take one.  Needless to say, he handles the bathrooms.  Sometimes a general cleaning isn’t enough especially when the under the bed dust bunnies into out from under the bed godzilla sized dust bunnies.  Peter Walsh’s list helps you breakdown what needs to be done.

4. Closet Organization


Ever spend a day organizing your closet to have it look like WWIII two days later? We’ve been battling that for three years in our hall closet but a few of these tips helped us hold off the impending war. Now I just have to get the hubster to cut new shelves for our closet (longer ones) and we will be all set.

5. Wine


After all the organizng and cleaning, you’re going to need a cocktail– go enjoy a bottle of wine!


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