And So It Goes . . .

Some weeks go by quite uneventful, others seem to be full of events and this week has been a whopper (and I don’t mean the sandwich.)

Good News

We’re featured in a House Beautiful article about renovation disasters! Now you’re probably thinking how can a disaster be good news?

house beautiful

Well, the disaster we brought up wasn’t completely horrific but mostly funny. Greg is the master bug killer in our house and took his duties a bit too far while we were in the middle of projecting. If you want to read more about our “disaster,” just click here.

Bonus: our wedding video is up if anyone is interested. April Ziegler was our photographer and if you are in the Pennsylvania tri-state area, I recommend her for wedding, pet, and family pictures.

Bad News

Greg’s arms are covered in poison ivy . . . again. Not as bad as last year but still steroid and bandage worthy.

Worse News

While sleeping, Greg transferred poison ivy ooze onto my back and gave me poison ivy . . . and I can’t reach it to put the anti-itch cream on.

Sigh. At least it’s hump day. Here’s a Hazel picture to make you smile.



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