Tumblin’ Tumbleweed

For about a month and a half this spring, we were those neighbors.

You know, those neighbors who ignore the weedfest happening in their front yard flowerbeds.  Those neighbors who let their weeds grow and grown.

Neighbors all around us had perfectly manicured lawns with beautiful flowers and we had weeds mixed with overgrown hostas.


Sigh.  The only thing missing was a tumbleweed blowing across our lawn.

To be fair, the only reason we let it get this way is due to the fact neither one of us wanted to get poison ivy from weeding before the wedding . . .especially after last year’s poison ivy extravaganza.

We created a game plan of house project and then mother nature messed with us by bringing rain.  The following weekend all the stars aligned for the front yard refresh and it wasn’t even supposed to happen.

You see we had a 5k that morning and it was sweltering hot.  Even though I had picked up $100 worth of plants that Friday, it was hot and sticky.

Our grand plan had us removing this ugly beast of a plant near the front door and planting a lovely hydrangea in addition to weeding, trimming and planting a few annuals but we didn’t count on a heat wave in June.

The Ugly Beast and Greg

The Ugly Beast and Greg

We got home and saw the bush was in shade so we started working.  Greg made the smart move of changing into his yard work clothes while I remained in my running outfit because I thought it was just weeding and planting a few impatiens.

You have a two options for removing a shrub—do it yourself or place an ad on Craigslist for a free shrub.  Our hate of this shrub was so high, we took pleasure in cutting apart.


Then we dug the stump out.  This stump came out much easier than last years.


While Greg was digging the hole for the hydrangea, I busted out my Nonnie’s electric hedge clippers.  You see my Nonnie had a green thumb and could make any plant look amazing.  I have the opposite effect on plants.  My dad took pity on our front yard and gave me her clippers.


Then I gave this shrub its first haircut in about two years.  For those of you who are like me and have never used on of these machines to trim the bush, just take it easy and go a little at a time.

What a difference in the front yard an hour can make.


Since we were on a roll (and still in my running clothes), we decided to tackle the side of the house.


As you can see, the side of the house did not see much love from us over the past two years.  We maintained it but didn’t spend time making it pretty.  Our yards were a hot mess when we moved in, the first year, we tackled the front, last year we redid the back, and this year, we’re focusing on the side.

Greg attempted to cut the shrubs with a hand saw because he didn’t know how long it would take him to setup his new chainsaw.

About five minutes later, he got the chainsaw out.


Oh man.

If I thought the nail gun was a good time, this is even better.

About ten minutes after he plugged the chainsaw in, the shrubs were gone.


Ten minutes!

If you don’t have a chainsaw, get one.  They are amazing.  If we didn’t have it, I think we would still be out there sawing away.

By the time we finished, we had a massive pile of branches for Hazel to chew her way through (which took longer to drag into the backyard than it did to cut them down.)


We still have to remove all the stumps (next weekend’s goal) but what a difference it already makes.  Our neighbor’s cat isn’t very happy about the change and proceeded to meow at us for a bit.


I’m just happy you can see our front door.



6 thoughts on “Tumblin’ Tumbleweed

  1. beautiful job, Diane and Greg!
    hope you newlyweds are havin’ fun:)
    Love, Colleen and Michael

  2. cant wait to see what ou do with the side of the house, funny how you describe all the barriers to getting something done, I have similar stories but mine were health problems anyway I too jhave plans for my side of the garage, i did the front and side, but the back is work in progress and the side of garage is being put off till next year, enjoyed the pictures you really enjoyed assaulting that ugly bush? what kind was it anyway?

    • No idea what type of bush. Our neighbors (who picked it out originally and spent the better part of our conversation lamenting its loss) told us it was some form of hydrangea.

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