Five on Friday: Man’s Best Friend

Hazel.  The love of our life.  The wind beneath our wings.  The pain in our ass.20130626-170347.jpg

Don’t get me wrong, we wouldn’t trade our Hazel for the world but sometimes– especially when projecting– she can get in the way.  Today’s five are all about different ways you can entertain the canine in your life.

Side note: This weekend I am hunkering down and editing pictures and writing posts.  Over the past few weeks, I transitioned from JPEG files to RAW files which means a bit more work editing (due to learning new software).  I’ve got a list of projects I want to post in the next few weeks and hopefully (fingers crossed) they will happen!

Now on to the fabulous five!


1. Scrap Ball


Hazel loves to rip open a stuffed animal and scatter the stuffing all over the room.  To her, pulling the stuff out of an animal is the greatest thing.  Now we have a neater option– the filling ball.  You buy one of the JW spheres and fill it with strips of fabric (I recommend felt) and give it to your puppy.  Hazel loves it.

2. Tug Toy


Everywhere we turn in the pet store, we see these fleece pet toys.  We even got Hazel one named Hobbes (since he’s a tiger).  Now that I have instructions, sewing time!  Ok, no sewing involved but a trip to Joann’s is needed.  Plus, braid it will bring back memories of crafting with gimp as summer camp.

3. Toy Bin


Now that you provided your pup with a new toy, it’s needs a home.  Enter this adorable Dog Toy bin.  If you feel adventurous, teach your dog how to put their toys away.

4. Sweet Potato Treats


If your pupster succeeded in corralling all their toys to the bin, they deserve a treat.  With this recipe, you can make tasty sweet potato treats for the dog in your life.

5. Barkbox


Most days Hazel could careless about the mail but once the 16th of the month arrives, she knows mail arrives for her.  The Barkbox is a box full of dog goodies from a toys to treats.  Each month’s box contains at least one toy and one bag of treats in addition to other dog items.

Happy Friday!


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