Wet Bar Wipeout: Cha Ching!

Time to get to the nitty gritty of our wet bar project– the price breakdown. In the end conversion from useless bar to functional closet cost $138.

Give or take $10. Let’s face it, I’m not the best at storing all my receipts.

wet bar


wet bar-169


I know $138 seems like a lot for such a small project but here’s how it all broke down–

wetbar breakdown

The bulk of our costs came from purchasing a new tool ($33) and the MDF board ($31). We did not use all of the MDF board and plan to use the remaining piece in our linen closet. We lucked out with many other aspects because we owned the tools or had the supplies from a previous project.

The Wet Bar Wipeout is probably one of our cheapest projects but we got a lot of bang for our buck. We turned something useless into a functional storage area. Additionally, we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone to learn a new skill– plumbing.

Three years ago we never would have even considered tackling a project like this but it’s all about the baby steps. We moved from painting to revamping our mud room which pushed us a little. Every project we’ve done builds on the confidence gain from the last one. If you’re new to the home diy, take your time– we didn’t start with projects like this. Find your comfort zone and slowly push out of it.

Side note: after we took the after picture, I remember the program basket from the wedding and put everything from the plastic bag in it. Score to repurposing items!

We hope you enjoyed this project, we’ve got another one to share once we finish the last piece, so stay tuned!


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