Five on Friday: Doggie Love

Can you believe it’s already August? Even though it means summer is almost at an end, Greg’s excited because it means the Dog Days of Summer event is here (although he is sad about the end of short season.)


Dog Days of Summer?

Every summer Ambler host a Dog Days of Summer event– parade, contests, and dogs in costume.  I’ve been working very hard on Hazel’s costume and she’s going to be a superstar.

Ok, that might have been a bit of mom pride right there.

Greg attended the event even before Hazel came into our lives.  Now that he has a dog, he can’t wait to show her off.

So today’s Five on Friday is all about papering your pooches.


1. Bacon Collar


It’s a bacon collar!  What dog doesn’t love bacon.  I love bacon, Hazel loves bacon, everyone loves bacon.  Now your dog can wear that statement with pride.

Ok, I might be a bit biased with this one but our friend makes custom collars/leashes for your four legged friend.  Hazel’s been her test dog a few times and we love her stuff.  For our wedding, she made us a bride and groom leash.  Every dog needs a collar to match his/her personality, let SewDogDesigns help make it happen.  Here’s her Facebook site, stop by and friend her to see what she’s up too!

Side note: yes, she can make collar for other animals besides dogs.

2. DIY Costumes


Since we are going to a dog event with costumes, it would help to highlight a few DIY costumes. offers readers 10 different costumes to decorate their dog.  My favorite is the chia pet dog!

3. Pet Pillow


Now any proud dog owner has not only pictures but breed paraphernalia all over their home.  This site offers simple instructions for creating your own dog silhouette pillow.

4. Wine Crate Dog Bowls


Hazel requires bowls that are in a table or other sort of structure otherwise the water would be split all over the floor and the bowls under the couch.  DesignSponge offers amazingly simple instructions to create a raised dog feeder to fit in with your room decor.

5. Dog Agility


Agility jumps bars are a great way to introduce your puppy to agility.  This Old House offers readers a step-by-step guide to building your pet their own set of bars to practice with.

Side note: Check with your vet to find out the appropriate age to begin training.  For example, it was suggest that we wait until Hazel was 18 month to begin jumping and long distance running.  They ask owners to wait to prevent any hip damage.

Have a great weekend!  We’ll be back on monday with a Make it a Meal and a picture of Hazel in her costume.


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