Five on Friday: Patio Pleasure

All summer, we’ve been holding back a big change from everyone as a surprise.

No, it’s not a baby. Hazel is more than enough for us at this point in our lives.

We’ve replaced our Florida room/enclosed porch! As I type, they are out there finishing up the installation and I cannot wait to break it in this weekend. Hazel is going to be in for a big shock when she gets home from doggie daycare. I’ll get more into the how/what/why next week when I have pictures but today’s Five on Friday is all about the little things (and one big thing) we need to focus on with the enclosed porch.

Patio in progress

Now on to the Five!

Five on Friday Patio

1. Patio Light

Patio Light

The current patio lights on the porch are ancient and look old lady-y. We’ve already found new lights which mimic the feel of ceiling fan (different brand but amazing matching). If we had not found these earlier in the summer, I would be searching out something unique/different like this one from Lamps Plus.

2. Hardwood Ceramic Tile

The one downside to having our patio replaced is the damage to the carpet currently on the floor. After living here for three years, we realized carpet isn’t exactly what we want on the floor. Tile offered us the best solution–easy to clean of leaves and we don’t have to worry about mold growing if it got wet during a storm. Ceramic hardwood tile has me swooning and I don’t swoon that much (only for Greg and sparkly jewelry).

3. Area Rug

Outdoor Patio Rug

Cold feet and I do not get along. If we have tile, we are going to need an area rug to keep my tootsies warm (and Hazel’s too). The room offers us several options for rug selection– indoor or outdoor. Personally, an outdoor rug seems to be the better choice due to it’s ability to withstand dirt and Hazel. You all know of my love for Target and their Threshold collection and guess what, they offer quite a large selection for rugs!

4. Twinkle Lights

Patio Twinkle Lights

The 18 year old in me wants to decorate everything with twinkle lights. The 30 year old in me wants to decorate everything in twinkle lights but realizes the they only work in every room at Christmas time. Fortunately the 30 year old in me realized, the only room in the house which could handle them all year is the patio. Pinterest offers a twinkle light lover like myself plenty of options to chose from. Now the contractors just need to finish up!

5. Mason Jar Glasses

Mason Jar Glasses

Decorating our patio certainly takes a lot of work and makes me thirsty. Guess we need the perfect glass for the patio! Mason jar glassware serves as the perfect glass for serving drinks in the patio. Now I just need to find a great cocktail.

Have a great weekend!



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