Patio Pleasure

Surprise! We redid our enclosed porch! By redid, I mean we paid a company to come out and replace all the doors. Greg and I had a love/hate relationship with the enclosed porch (or Florida Room) due to a variety of factors-


  • Use during three of four season
  • Perfect seating area during BBQ for people who don’t want to be inside the house or outside
  • The breeze the room gets from the windows
  • Lots of natural light


  • The unclosing doors
  • Leaves/water which travels in due to patio being lower than deck

patio problem

  • Ugly, water damaged rug

patio problem

  • Windows I can’t open


  • Rusting spots on sides

We knew the room was a keeper but we needed to make the first step—replacing the sides. I don’t full recommend how we proceeded with identifying a contractor, we just went with who my parents used in 1987—Patio Enclosures.

Why, you might ask, would we go with a contractor they used in 1987?

Well, their patio looks brand new minus a few dog tears in the screen. The roof collapsed during a snow storm in 2003 but Patio Enclosures replaced thanks to home owners insurance but we dound out that their products now come with warranties (yes, we have a lifetime warranty on the replaced parts). They even replaced it with a new and improved roof! It seemed everyone who had a Patio Enclosures patio did nothing but rave about how well they stood up to time and the elements.

The original owners of our home initially told us that Patio Enclosures installed their room in 1987 but after a brief call with Patio Enclosures, we were informed they only quoted them.

Side note: By comparing the durability of my parents 1987 patio and our 1987 patio illustrated how much it’s worth it to invest in a premium product.

In June (yes, that’s how long ago we started this), Patio Enclosures sent out John to investigate our current situation and let us play with the door samples. You see, they don’t do window that slide up, they only install sliding door windows. I’ll save you his sales speech but it came down to this—a price we were willing to spend.

$9600 with city permits.

*Audible gasp* To this point, we’ve never spent any money like this on the house. You could hear our wallet creaking as we wrote out our check.

Side note: Our roof happened to be in great shape and we decided not to replace it at this time. Also the $11,000 fee to replace the roof nixed our desire to update it. During the installation, the project lead suggested applying shingles with a weather blocker thing under it. He said it would greatly extend the life of the roof. Let’s leave it at we are still considering it.

During the sales pitch, we brought up all our hates and he brought up how we can eliminate all but one:

  • The unclosing doors- new sliding doors eliminate the issue
  • Leaves/water which travels in due to patio being lower than deck- raise the wall of the patio to be above the deck.
  • Windows I can’t open- new windows
  • Ugly, water damaged rug- that one is on us. Tiling in the spring!
  • Rusting spots on sides- new sides

Our new patio included double paned windows (promotion upgrade!) which means we could open the doors between the house and the patio for extra space (if we were to have a party) and heat would not be an issue. The original patio had nonfunctioning electric heaters which would be easy for them to remove. Here is their nifty drawings of our room-

Patio design

Side of patio

Patio design

Front of patio

As you can see from the pictures, our sliding windows are elevated about 18″ off the ground.  For the side which faced the deck, we went with glass windows for the bottom 18″ and for the other side, we went with solid siding.

With a change like this, you will have to get your town involved for a permit. If you’ve never completed a permit application, consider yourself lucky or marry an engineer in case you need to. Complicated and long is the only way to describe the form. Our Code Enforcement guy is my buddy from other projects and my bajillion questions. Fortunately, Patio Enclosures offered to complete the permit process for us.


Last Monday the borough called me with the permit and by Wednesday, demo had started. We lived with all our patio and deck shoved into a corner or two.


They removed all the sides and trimmed away at the siding. Why trim at the siding? To create a flat channel for the siding to rest against the house. I wish I could tell you all the steps but work got in the way and I didn’t want the installers for feel like I was spying on them . . . which I was.


On day three, we saw it all come together. Our patio was done.

Completed enclosed patio

The Panoramic View

I can open the doors! Hazel hates it because she can’t just push the door open anymore and because she keeps walking into the doors.

Side note: We’re putting a vinyl decal on the door at Hazel height so she can see the glass better.

We had to wait until the next morning before vacuuming due to the caulk (you don’t want the grit landing in wet caulk). A few hours later, our room was better than ever.

new enclosed pationew enclosed patio

And the dog bed still tied the room together.



3 thoughts on “Patio Pleasure

  1. That is beautiful!! I could see myself loving this room and enjoying it so much. It’s like being outside in nature without having my little hooves touch the grass! Nice investment. XOXO – Bacon

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