Five on Friday: Labor Day Love

As of Monday, it’s official, the summer is over.  I know, it’s a sad point no one wants brought up but it’s true.

How true is it?  I made pumpkin cream cheese bars because it felt right.  No one in their right mind makes pumpkin anything before the fall is near.  But back to the end of summer.

Growing up, my neighbor’s always had a Labor Day party with the entire street invited.  As neighbors moved off the street, they remained invited.  The one year the neighbor’s house was under construction, another neighbor hosted.  The Labor Day party tradition continued up until two years ago, when the family moved.  The party provided a great way to meet neighbors and catch up on everyone’s life.  The last year, Greg even came with me . . . although he kept getting referred to as my fiance when he was still renting with an option to buy.

One of the best things about the Labor Day party was the food.  Everyone brought something and its was a delightful smorgasbord of edible delights.  This year, we are hosting the Second Annual Phillies Challenge over Labor Day weekend and as I was menu planning for those not participating, it got me thinking about my standard go-to appetizers.  If any one is hosting an end of summer bash and looking for a few tried and true appetizers, you are in luck.

Now on to the Five!


1, Buffalo Chicken Dip

healthy buffalo chicken dip

Talk about tried and true– this appetizer is easy to make and a major hit at any party.  Dial up the heat as much as you want with the hot sauce you add.  Serve it with carrot, celery, crackers or chips and you’ll have a happy crowd.

2. Pepperoni Rolls


About seven years ago, I was introduced to the wonder that are pepperoni rolls.  Michele, my new friend (at the time) made them for a party.  Pepperoni rolls are like a party in your mouth.  Seriously, there’s disco music playing and everything.  They are her go to appetizer for attending a party and if she’s not bringing them to one of my partays, I am making them.  A crescent roll, pepperoni (I use the turkey type) and some cheese– you are done.  After parties, I track what is left and there is always a big “0” in the pepperoni roll column.

Side note: Michele is $10 away from reaching the next level in her MS Society’s City to Shore fundraising, please consider helping her (as well as people suffering from MS)!

3. Taco Dip


When the Gods invented sour cream, do you think they had taco dip in mind?  A party isn’t complete without taco dip and my friend let me know it.  If the taco dip isn’t out, they ask about it.  The base is always the same (sour cream, cream cheese, taco mix) but the top is fully customizable.  You can do lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes or just cheese (my friend preferred way) or fancy it up by adding olives.

4. Bacon Wrapped Dates


A new entry into my go to appetizers!  When our friend turned 30, his mom threw him a party and someone make these delicious bacon wrapped dates.  Greg and I pretty much positioned ourselves in the kitchen to be there once they emerged from the oven.  Greg even loved them more than my chocolate toffee covered bacon (and that should say something).  The hardest part about making them is figuring out where in the grocery store are the dried dates.  We brought them to a friend’s family Halloween party and she told me her cousin had to make them for thanksgiving.  Give them a try, you’ll love the salty/sweet taste of them.

5.  Dill Pickle Dip


If you don’t like dill pickles, this is not the appetizer for you.  If you do like the dill taste, grab a pretzel and dig in!  Last winter I had made some soft cheese and wanted to try a new dip recipe when I stumbled upon Dill Pickle dip.  What a party in your mouth!  Perfect for a summer BBQ!

Bonus: If you looking for my Grandmom’s tried and true appetizer, look no further than onion dip!  One package of powdered onion dip mixed with a container of sour cream (refrigerated for a few hours to meld the flavors) and served with ruffles potato chips.

Have a great Labor Day!


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