You Don’t Know Jack

Most people see an empty bottle of Jack Daniels and get sad because it’s all gone . . . or they curse Jack Daniels because they drank too much the night before.

Then you have me who saw a lamp in an empty bottle of Jack Daniels.  I guess you need a little more background here which we shall set up as a proof.

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp Proof

  1. If Steve drinks only Jack, then he must love it.
  2. If he loves it, he must have empty bottles.
  3. Steve likes electricity.
  4. Therefore, Steve would like a Jack Daniels bottle lamp.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

The Steve I referenced is Greg’s brother and this was meant to be a Christmas present in 2011.  We stealthily ask his wife (then fiancee) in June for an empty bottle.  She just as stealthily provided us one.  The we put it in house to hang out until December.

When we went to make the lamp everything went well until we needed to charge the drill’s battery midway through and it shattered once we got back to drilling due the temperature in the garage.

Why doesn’t Martha write tips for using old liquor bottles?

Neither one of us felt like running to the state store for Jack and since Pennsylvania sucks, we couldn’t anyway due to it being a Sunday.  Our surprise was ruined.  Christmas involved a hand drawn picture of what we had hoped to make and a request for another bottle.  Greg and I spent a few weeks mentally uttering this-


With the new bottle in hand, we did have success and Steve did find love with the new lamp but it took more time than it should. It’s a fun and relatively easy project.  Time consumed for projecting is less than an hour.  Time consumed for drinking is up to you.

So now we are on to the instructions for making a Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp (or any lamp made out of a bottle).

What you will need

  • Empty bottle of Jack Daniels
  • Two bags of floral marbles
  • Crochet hook
  • Twisty tie
  • Glass cutting drill tip
  • Drill
  • Lamp shade
  • Bottle Lamp Kit
  • Lamp Harp
  • Light bulb

1. Drink (or have someone) a bottle of Jack Daniels.  Please do not do this in one night.  I like having readers who are not hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

2. Wash out said bottle and let it dry for a few days.

3. Bring you bottle into the room in which you intend to do your drilling and let it acclimate to the temperature for a few hours.  This is very important unless you want to start back at step one.  If you don’t follow this instruction, you run the risk of having your glass shatter as you cut it.  We learned this the hard way.

4. Rest your bottle on a flat surface with the side you want to drill on facing up.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

5. Slowly start drilling with your (most likely tungsten carbide) drill bits.  You are going to drill about two inches from the bottom (in the center).  The cording will travel through this hole.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

6. Keep going, you’re almost there.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

7. And you’re through!  This process should take about 15-20 minutes.  If you are using a cordless drill, have an extra battery charged and waiting.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

8. Drop a few floral marbles in the bottom, right up to the bottom of the hole.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

Side note: we went with an amber colored marble to mimic the color of Jack Daniels.  Feel free to use whatever color you want.

9. From the bottle lamp kit, take the cord and insert it in the hole and thread it to the bottle opening.  I recommend using a crochet hook to help snag the wire in the bottle.  We had a difficult time threading it all the way through the hole.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

10. Once you successfully threaded it, twisty tie the cord to the bottle neck.  This makes it easier to fill the bottle with the rest of the marbles.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

11. Slowly add all the marbles to the bottle, ensuring they surround the cord.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

12. Remove the twisty tie and thread the wire through the rod.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

13. Push the rubber stopper onto the threaded rod half way, cap the bottom with the washer.

Side note: the package provides several stoppers, select the one which best fits.

14. Pull the cord through the threaded rod and place the rubber stopper into the neck of the bottle.

Side note: all this hole, rod, thread and jack talk really makes me want to make a inappropriate joke but I will behave myself.

15. Time to make a Jack Daniel’s drink since we’re almost done.

16. Pull the cord through the threaded rod and place the rubber stopper into the neck of the bottle.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

17. Place the washer through the cord and on top of the bottle. This rests on top of the bottle.

18. Take the base mount of the lamp and screw it onto the threaded rod. As you tighten it will press against the washer to expand.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

19. With the cord in place, take the top of the lamp socket and using the screws on either side screw on the wires.

Side note: trying so hard to contain myself since I just used the word screw. Snickering like a 10 year old boy.

20, Put the top and bottom parts together and twist!

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

21. Add lamp harp, light bulb, and lamp shade.

jack daniels bottle lamp diy

22. Turn on and toast to a project well done!

jack daniels lamp-17


18 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Jack

  1. The lamp shade matches the bottle perfectly. If you wanted to give it a more uniform look, you could drill a hole in the cap and run your lamp kit through it. The original cap will screw on easily and it will hide your cord that runs through the neck of the bottle.

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