Happy Birthday Hazel!

Forewarning- puppy overload! 

Just under two years ago, this fur ball joined our family.  Yesterday she turned two and we can barely believe she’s that old.  Looking back at this picture makes me miss the tininess of her (but not the puppy biting).

Now look at her.  She big. friendly, and smart!


To celebrate the second birthday of our first child (yes, we are those people, we have no shame about it), we celebrated the only way Hazel would let us– with a pizza party.  Hazel’s a very food oriented lab and she loves pizza so it was only fitting she had a bacon and pineapple pizza to celebrate her big day.

Hazel!Followed by a vanilla cake with buttercream icing.

Hazel!On Disney Princess plates because Tangled is her favorite movie.

Side note: Yes, our dog has a favorite movie, she will actually watch it when we put it on.  One day she was all barky when I was working so I put Tangled on.  Five minutes later, I had silence.  When I went down to refill my water bottle, she was chilling on the couch still staring at the TV.

Hazel!Now if you’re worried about her presents, don’t worry Greg got that covered.  I sent him to PetSmart with a $30 limit AND he had to furnish the receipt to prove he stuck to the assigned limit.  He loves his Hazelnut and would spend hundreds of dollars on her birthday.


In honor of Hazel’s birthday, I’m going to show you how to make your very own slip over the collar bandana (again, this is a repost of last year’s birthday instructions).  You can download the bandanas template here.  There are two– one for medium sized dogs, one for large sized dogs (I don’t have any small dogs to measure for a small pattern.)

Over the Collar Dog Bandana

Now what you will need:

  • 15″ of fabric ( you can use one or two types depending on what you prefer for the underside)
  • Thread
  • Pattern
  • Scisnsors
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Puppy

1. Print out pattern and cut it.

2. Wash/dry your fabric to preshrink it.

3. Pet your puppy.

4. Lay fabric out and place pattern on the fold.  You shouldn’t be like me and not pin it down.  My mom is probably reading this and shaking her head because she taught me better.

5. Cut it again.

6. Place fabrics together with their wrong side out.

7. Pin together . . . which I did not do.  Again, my mom is probably shaking her head.

7. Sew together leaving three inches on the top unsewn.

8. Trim corners (this helps make the corner points sharper.)

9. Turn it right side out and push out the corners.

10. Iron it flat.

11.  Turn the open edge in and iron it down.

12. Sew it closed.

13. Fold the top down (matching the star corners from the pattern) and iron.

14. Sew it closed and be sure to backtrack your stitching at the ends to help with durability.

15. Put on dog and them make more because she looks so cute.

Happy birthday Hazel!


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