Ding Dong

Let’s face it, I’m a big old procrastinator. I procrastinate writing blogs (hello- dining room curtains still need to be written about), laundry, and life.

My procrastination looks something like this.

My procrastination looks something like this.

Unfortunately, some of that procrastination has rubbed off on Greg in regards to the house. Although he likes to call it “prioritizing.”

Either way you look at it, we get lazy and find something gripping on Netflix to watch. 16 hours and a nap later, the weekend has passed and we’re getting ready for work.

But once in a while inspiration strikes us at the most unusual times.  A few weeks ago, we ran to Home Depot for something or other and I said we need a new doorbell. Our doorbell never worked and we never took the time to figure out if what was exactly wrong with it.

Sure, Greg did the research on testing it but it fell to the bottom of his “priority” list.

I had it with never hearing the pizza guy knock at the door, so I steered the husband over to doorbell. After reviewing our choices– wired or wireless, we chose wireless due to the ease of installation. Greg was being all price conscious and selected the midrange model even though he kept playing with the MP3 wireless doorbell.

As I watched him, I realized if I said to get the more expensive ($50 compared to $30), I could one day use this in my favor . . . . for shoes!  So I said go for it.

InTune Wireless doorbell DIY

Well, his face lit up like a kid at Christmas.

Off he went to the register with the InTune MP3 door chime (probably so I didn’t change my mind).

Now this is where I failed you. I didn’t take a ton of pictures. We were dog sitting two adorable springers and I had my hands full refereeing three dogs and assisting Greg. I will attempt to verbally guide you through this process.

InTune Wireless doorbell DIY

1. Start thinking about your doorbell song. The clip needs to be between 10-15 seconds.

2. Remove the ringer box from the wall. Greg turned of the power before tackling this task.

3. Cap all wires and place them behind the wall.

4. Patch hole and spackle.

5. Keep thing about that sound.

6. Remove the doorbell and cap wires. Greg was able to wiggle them behind the plastic weatherstripping around the door (they were coming out from there).

7. Since we have a wireless doorbell, Greg caulked all holes in the weatherstripping.

8. We agreed upon a song and I downloaded the ringtone from amazon. Then followed the instructions for installation on doorbell. Essentially it comes with a cable you plug into the computer and doorbell. Then just drop and drag your file.

9. Decide on placement and test doorbell before screwing it in.

This step is vital! We ran into issues with the wireless not working, we believe it was due to our metal front door. After testing placements, we found a spot for both the door bell button and chime.

10. Attach both.

11. Ring the doorbell!

For those of you who never met Greg, he loves all things Rocky so this doorbell choice was only fitting.

Any time we're near the statue, Greg wants his picture in front of it.   Photo by April Ziegler Photogrpahy

Any time we’re near the statue, Greg wants his picture in front of it.
Photo by April Ziegler Photogrpahy

The doorbell came with a square cover which reminded us of a iPhone application square. InTune offers vinyl covers for the square (included in the cost) but we’re happy with the plain one. Everyone loves ringing our doorbell now and we’ve been very happy with our purchase. Sure we had some aggravation installing it but we figure it out, so it’s all good.

Side note: Why, yes, our wall are another color. Hopefully I’ll tell you all about it next week!



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