Five on Friday: Football Fun

A chill is in the air and football is on television four days out of the week which means only one thing.

Greg is in heaven . . .  although not after last night’s performance by the Eagles.

He has a wide selection to choose from with professional football Sunday, Monday, and Thursday followed by a healthy dose of college football on Saturday.  For as long as I have known him, he loves to watch football and loves football parties/tailgates.  He like to indulge in football food with Hazel while watching the Eagles.

Look, she wasn’t even with us a full week before he had her dressed for her first game.

As much as I love my buffalo chicken dip, I tend to fall into a rut with my football parties and food.  Pair that with my struggle to come up with a Five on Friday topic and we have today’s five—Football Fun.

Today’s Five suggest a new ways to change your tailgate or party in the five most important categories: food, beverage, atmosphere, and fun.


1. Football Field Table


Whenever I have a party, I do attempt to put a tablecloth down to preserve my table but I hate then having to wash/clean/fold the table cloth.  This arrangement suggest a fun way to decorate your table and then throw it all out afterward.  The only difference with how I would do it, I wouldn’t purchase precut numbers like the author but would just cut them out myself.

2. Washer Game


If you are tailgating and need a fun game, look no further.  I heart washers.  I heart washers big time.  The game is small and light but so much fun to play!

3.  Hot Sausage Dip


As I said before, I need to change up my appetizers because I can fall into a rut with them.  Last night I asked Greg what he thought of a hot sausage dip.  Needless to say, there was a very emphatic yes followed by an offer to get the ingredients immediately.  Any meal which generates such a reaction must be a keeper.

4. Beergarita


Ahhhhh the beergarita.  A perfect beverage for a football tailgate or party.  Spice it up by adding a flavored beer (such as Abita Purple Haze) to the drink for a twist.

5. Pumpkin Pie Cups


After all the beer, games, and appetizers, you might want a dessert.  Here is an easy and festive dessert to celebrate a win!


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