Five on Friday: Spooktacular!

Can you believe that it’s almost October?  That means only one things– the best holiday triumvirate is about to happen.

Triumvirate?  Two years of latin will integrate that word into your lexicon very easily.  To me the triumvirate is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  It’s the best time of the year!

As you can tell, at our house, we’ve become pumpkin obsessed.  We’ve got pumpkin beer and pumpkin pies and pumpkins!  Once October really hits, I’m headed to the store for some pumpkins to put outside.  Now if you’re like me and want to start holiday crafting, you got to start before October.  Here are a few ideas to make Halloween happen.

Enjoy the spooktacular five on friday!

1. Bloody Cutcakes

With all fun events, there should be food and these Bloody Cutcakes will be ideal for Halloween.  The cupakes are poke cakes which are super easy to do.  Take cupcake, poke holes, and pour in jello.  I don’t think any Halloween party would be complete without any fun themed food.

2. Halloween Cocktail

By this point in time, you’ve realized we like our cocktails.  This site offers several themed cocktails to make your pumpkin carving a bit more merry.  Pick up a bag of spider rings to enhance your glasses with (just cut the ring to slip it over the glass edge.)

3. Preserving the Pumpkins

We’ve seen the packs with our new shoe purchases or in a new bag but typically throw them away.  Now we have a use for them!  After carving the pumpkin, embed them into the pumpkin and it will help keep your pumpkin longer.  Who knew!

4. Creative Pumpkins

If carving a pumpkin isn’t your thing, you have a few other options to fancify them.  With this example, I love how they’ve taken candlesticks to place them on.  Think of the creative materials you could use to make leaves for your pumpkins.  Better Homes and Gardens has a ton of ideas for fun ways to pumpkin out.

5. Monster Mason Jars

Want a fun and spooky way to light the path to your front door on Halloween?  Think of these mason jars. Mod Podge tissue paper to the outside of a jar, cut out a face with black paper, and glue it on. You can add a bit of ribbon around the lid for a bit of oomph.   When Halloween comes, drop in a tea light (regular or battery operated) and have a fun path to your door.

Have a great and safe Halloween!


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