Wedding Week: Wire Hangers

A few weeks (ok, maybe two months) before my wedding, I realized how much a I wanted a Mrs. Hicks hanger for my dress. Yes, it’s truly something for a photo op but I still wanted it.  I went to my trusty Etsy to peruse the options but I didn’t want to spend $30 on a hanger.  Then it was off to Google to see I could make it myself.  If so many others sold them on Etsy, it could be that hard to do.  And it wasn’t.

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

I quickly calculated how it would cost me to make– $5 for the five pack of hangers at Target and $7 for the wire at Lowe’s.  Then I figured out how many I wanted to make– bridesmaids and a few bride ones for friends getting married.  In the end, I spent $17 for six hangers and still have enough supplies to make four more.

Before you start making one, practice with the wire!  The lettering become much easier to do the more you practice!  So let’s get started.

What you will need:

DIY wedding dress hanger

  • 14 or 16 gauge galvanized wire (found at Home Depot/Lowe’s)
  • Wooden Hanger with no middle bar
  • Pliers with the wire cutter built in
  • Hot glue
  • Paper
  • Pencil/pen
  • Drill

1. Write the name you want in wire on the piece of paper (in cursive).  If it’s a long name, tape to pieces together so they fit in between the hanger’s ends.  This will help you visualize the size and shape of each letter.

DIY wedding dress hanger-3

2. Cut a piece of wire about three feet long.  This will be longer than you need but will be easier to maneuver than the entire roll of wire.

3. Start bending with the pliers, staring about four inches from the edge (more if you have a short name.)  It will take a little bit of practice to feel comfortable with bending the wire.

DIY wedding dress hanger-44. Follow your template as you work on the name.

DIY wedding dress hanger-6

5. When you are finished, clip the wire leaving about 6 inches on the end.

Side note: If it’s not completely flat, lay the wire between the table and a heavy book for a bit to flatten it out.

6. Find the drill bit which matches the width of your wire.

7. Drill a whole on either end (on the inside) about half inches from the edge.

DIY wedding dress hanger-2

8. Lay your wire name down with the hanger.  Figure out how much you need to trim off each end but still have about a 1/2 to bend and insert into the hanger.

DIY wedding dress hanger-7

9. Squirt the drilled hole with hot glue and insert your wire.

DIY wedding dress hanger-8

10. Let the first one dry before attempting the second because it will pop out if you do both so close together.

DIY wedding dress hanger-9

11. And you are done!

DIY wedding dress hanger-10

Optional: You can add a bow or flower to the top of the hanger for added prettiness!


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