Five on Friday: Wedding Websites

I hope you’ve all been enjoying wedding week here at the Undomestic Goddess.  Today’s Five on Friday carries on with our wedding theme, I thought I’d share a few sites which came in very helpful with all things wedding related.

Get excited!

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

1. WeddingWire

WeddingWire offered a ton of reviews browse through and helped us with our search.  We spent hours on this site researching venues and photographers.  After our wedding, I went and left comments about all our vendors.

2. Etsy

I heart Etsy.  As a bride, it is incredibly easy to spend a bajillion dollars on Etsy.  Some of the items I bought on Etsy included:


Photo by April Ziegler Photography

3. Vistaprint

Everyone seems to have a love/hate relationship with Vistaprint. Soon after we got engaged, I noticed their $17 for $70 worth of product and I priced it out based upon that deal versus the standard 50% off coupons and it worked out well for us.  We used Vistaprint for our thank you notes, our menus, favor stickers, and our trolley’s banner.


Photo by April Ziegler Photography

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

Side note: The two items above were designed by me but Vistaprint offers a multitude of templates for you to work with.  Our favor stickers used a standard template.

4. WeddingBee Boards

As you have gathered, I’m a planner.  WeddingBee boards helped me connect with other brides and discuss issues we were running into.  When my bridal dress salon called to tell me my dress failed inspection and needed to be remade, I posted to find out if it was hinkey.  It wasn’t, several other brides had the same problem.  It’s nice to have a sounding board who isn’t your spouse to be our family.

5. Pinterest

Every unmarried and soon-to-be married’s friend.  Yes, I had a board started before Greg popped the question but I only started it after we started having the talks.  Yes, in our case it was several talks because we are planners.  You have to be careful to not go insane or feel your wedding isn’t up to snuff based upon the crazy wedding posted.  Many of the weddings were styled out the wazoo and probably cost more than you are willing to spend.  Use it for inspiration, find pictures of flowers for your florist, hair pictures for your stylist.  Just remember Pinterest is a tool, not the standard for every wedding.

Be sure to come back on Monday for the start of Housiversary III!



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