Housiversary III: The Kickoff!

Bon jour!  It’s that time of year again, time for Housiversary week!  Three years ago we arrive home from Paris just a few days before Greg signed his life over to a house and today we are arriving home from Paris to celebrate Housiversary.  We spent the past ten days enjoying all that Paris and Rome had to offer two honeymooners– from Segway tour to climbing the top of the Eiffel Tower.

sneak peak-2sneak peakBut let’s get back to the real point of this post– Housiversary and our very first giveaway.  First let me give you the rundown of this year’s Housiversary week:

  • The Year That Was– a recap of this year’s projects
  • The Year That Will Be– a laundry list of next year’s projects
  • So What’s Your Number? – a breakdown of how much we’ve spent on the house
  • The Fun We Had- a general post/slice of life post

Get excited for this year’s celebration week because I know I am.   I spent nine hours in a plane yesterday planning this out so it should be a good week for all our readers.

Now on to the giveaway– our friend Ally, owns Sew Dog Designs and offered to our giveaway winner either a custom collar or leash of their choice.

You see, she makes the dog (and in some cases other animals) in your life feels special through her custom designs.  As a wedding present, she made Hazel a bride and groom leash and for my pregnant friend, she made a Big Brother dog collar and leash.  She offers a large variety of ribbon for you to choose from include a ribbon which reads I Love Bacon.

Sew Dog Designs

Click Me to Enter the Housiversary Giveaway

Side note: I can’t have the widget show up here do to some Java/Wordpress restrictions.  Please take the time to click on the link.  Thank you!

This giveaway ends at 8pm on Friday!  Good luck and stay tuned for the rest of Housiversary.


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