Housiversary III: The Year That Was

Welcome back to day two of Housiversary week!  Today’s post is all about what we accomplished in the past year based on the goals set forth during last year’s Housiversary celebration.  We all know how much I love lists and this is the best list of all because it’s about what we got done.  Let’s start by checking things off from last year’s To Do list:

1. Two percent     

We’re getting there and trying to be better about it but let’s face it, this will be an ongoing battle for us.  The basement doors are finally painted with door knobs installed.  Our hallway still needs the light switches replaced but we plan on doing this task soon.  We fell behind because I want to learn how to do them which means the two of us need to find time to work on this two percent task.

2. Master bathroom


Hahahahaha. Still not done.  Still on our to do list.

3. Wet Bar

wet bar-169

The first completed project as Mr. & Mrs.—who needs a honeymoon when you can project together!  This isn’t a flashy project but it’s a functional project which we appreciate more (sometimes).  We learned a new skill (plumbing) and learned that Greg is the world’s slowest hand painter.

4. Wedding

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

Photo by April Ziegler Photography

Yep, as you can see from last week’s posts, Greg made an honest woman out of me.  He even took me to Paris and Rome last week for our honeymoon!  Aren’t you surprised you got four posts while I was abroad, you don’t even get that many when I’m home.  Guess it’s a sign we should leave more often.

5. Living Room


It’s beautiful and done!  Ok, we still have a little touching up to do here and there but the room is presentable.  We love it!  Due to wedding events, we had more people over this year who have never seen the house and this room was the show stopper.

Now the other projects that were not on our original to do list:


Know that two percent we are always working on, well this fell into the category of still almost done.  The only thing left is to change the outlets and we haven’t done it because I want to be the one to do.  It boils down to being a task we both need to be present for, not one of those I can make Greg do while eating bonbons on the couch.  Here’s the room and be expecting an update in the next week or two.

Camera Skills

hazel moon

Not a real project per se but for my 30th birthday Greg bought me a Canon Rebel T3i and for a year I attempted to teach myself how to use it.  One class later and I’m taking much better pictures, shooting in RAW, and loving Lightroom.

Side yard


Again, another project I haven’t really blogged about.  We started it, Greg hurt his wrist, we continued for a bit and then life got in the way.  Yesterday we got home from Rome to discover the magical project fairy (my dad) appeared and completely finished the side of the house, complete with mulching and planting four hydrangeas, two rhododendron, and two other shrubs.  Best surprise ever.


new enclosed patio

After the door breaking and continuous leaks, we bit the bullet and decided to redo our patio.  Replaced the sides of the patio because the roof was still in good condition (plus the extra $11k curtailed it).  We’ve been using our patio much more and enjoying the water freeness of the floor.

If I were to grade us, I’d give us a solid A.  The bathroom will continually be on our to do list but it’s not an immediate need, just a huge want.  I like how we stick to a few goals each year and grow from there.  Tomorrow we’ll share with you what next year’s plans are shaping up to be . . . meaning I still need to come up with them.  At least we know the master bathroom will be on the list.

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