Housiversary III: The Year That Will Be

Since everyone in this household is obsessed with Pitch Perfect, we naturally assumed the only way to determine what projects would make the cut for next year was through auditions much like in Pitch Perfect.

Side note: Booo to HBO for removing from On Demand. Now we have to actually purchase it.

In our little fantasy, each potential project prepared their a capella version of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” and we’d select the five from there.  Every character represented a room in the house–

  • Master Bathroom- Benji
  • Garage- Fat Amy
  • Patio- Jesse

Ok, to be honest I really just wanted to justify a way to incorporate a Pitch Perfect video into my post. After much deliberating (aka having a beer), Greg and I decided the champions. I now bring you the year that will be.
1. Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

What I can say, we are consistent in putting on the list.  You have to give us some points for that alone.

2. Carpeting the Basement


It’s time.  We’ve handled several hurricanes and other large rainstorms with the new drainage system without any sort of flooding in our basement (I probably just jinxed us as I wrote this).  I’m tired of walking on cold cement when doing the laundry therefore it is time to have someone come in and install new carpets for us.  Maybe with the new carpet, Greg will go downstairs to use his workout equipment.  Heck, maybe it will inspire me to do laundry more frequently.

Hahaha like that laundry thing is going to happen.

3. Tiling the Florida Room

new enclosed patioNow that we have a beautiful room to spend quality family time in during the spring/summer/fall, we need to make it even more perfect by changing the flooring.  We originally had carpeting out in this room but as you can see from the above picture, the patio installers cut part of the carpet.

Side note: They cut the carpet with our blessing.

Even though we raised the height of the patio to reduce water and leaves coming in, the leaves still follow us in due to just walking.  We feel a tile floor would be easier to clean and maintain than a carpet.  Plus I want to learn how to tile.  The big wintertime dilemma will be tile selection– hardwood ceramic tiles, square tiles, or other.  Such decisions!

4. Garage Organization


The garage is our secret shame.  We organize it and then mess it up (rinse and repeat).  It’s a vicious cycle which keeps repeating itself because we have no real organization out there.  The previous owners left a few crappy shelves and we turned a door into a makeshift workbench but it’s not helping.  Greg and I need to pick out real cabinets/shelves and draw a organizational chart . . . and maybe drink a few beers while doing it.

5. Office Renovation

Office Game Plan

Why yes, it is a drawing on a pizza place napkin.

Let’s face it, this is the room I spend most of my waking hours in.  We love how the room is decorated but need to change two things– the desk and the floor.  Our ultimate goal is to build a custom built-in desk for the room (as drawn in the napkin picture above.  It will be nice to have a desk which meets my professional needs as well as our personal needs such as printer shelving.  Before we even attempt to build a custom desk, we want to install a hardwood floor.

Lumber Liquidators and Habitat’s ReStore will be our very good (you might even say best) friends during this project.  Unlike most of our project, this one will have to be done quickly since I am currently working and have no desire to work from the dining room table.

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