Five on Friday: Travel Tips

You’re all probably wondering about the lack of posts this week (and rightfully so).  After clamoring to complete Housiversary last week, I let things fall to the wayside like our Honeymoon pictures and laundry.  Since this year I’m working on a better balance, I decided to recharge my batteries by not scrambling for a post and working on those pictures which got me to thinking about today’s Five on Friday.


Side note: And yes, I did finally finish editing all 1200 pictures from our vacation.  You read that right, 1200 pictures between me and the hubster.  Next up, photo book!

I love planning trips, I must have been a travel agent in a former life and over the years I developed a few good methods of planning.

1. Moleskine Books


One thing Greg and I do on our big trips is journal them to help us remember later.  Sounds silly but we love doing it because it creates a great memory for us.  I am very fond of the Molesken City Books because they contain maps of the city with alphabetical listing of the streets.  The book fits perfectly in my purse and has saved our lost butts several times.

2. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is the holy grail of reviews for hotels, tours, and attractions.  If I find a hotel on, I always check the reviews on TripAdvisor.  I love how they rank the hotels for you to see where it falls in the cityscape of hotels.  So far this method has not steered us wrong.  If you do use it for research, be a good user and write a review when you return.

3. Viator


I’m new to Viator and have been enjoying it.  We booked two tours through the company which turned out to be fabulous.  The only downside is that you cannot read the negative reviews, only the happy sunshine ones.  Additionally, if you know the company hosting the trip, please check their site to ensure you are receiving the best pricing.

4. Lightroom


Lightroom is an Adobe product for editing your digital images.  I bought it to process my RAW files but loved using it to clean my JPGs from this trip.  It’s a versatile tool which allows me to airbrush and offers users the abililty to create presets for editing pictures.  The bulk of my images used two presets which made processing 1200 pictures much easier.

5.  Have fun!


The most important part of any trip is to just have fun!

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