Under the Dome

Ever since we placed the buffet in the dining room, I’ve been on a hunt to find objects to place on it.  He comes home on a regular basis to a completely redecorated buffet top with items gathered from other rooms.

Side note: do you know how hard it is to decorate with someone who thinks everything looks great?

I’m not allowing myself to visit HomeGoods on this quest to decorate the buffet because I will come home with $100 worth of home goods not even for the buffet.  HomeGoods and Target are the only stores where you go in for one item and walk out with twenty.  So I decided to visit a new (ok, new to me) thrift shop nearby.  Does anyone else suffer from this Target affliction?

Sweet Repeats was packed to the brim with miscellaneous home item (both furniture and décor), so I followed the directions of all good thrifters—dig, move, and search.  Then I saw it—this glass domed plate.  How cute would it look with a few little pumpkins under the dome?  To see if I like it with something under the dome, I placed various bric-a-brac from around the store under the dome.

dome diy

Now for the condition of the dome’s plate, it definitely needed a bit of TLC but it’s nothing I couldn’t handle.  In addition, it gave me a chance to play with my new gold spray paint.  You see, I have a few items from my Grandmom’s house that need a facelift—a gold facelift.  After reading several reviews on gold spray paint, the Rust-oleum version came out on top for color.

dome diy

Even better was the dome’s price tag- $6 but an additional 50 percent off.  I can easily justify $3 for a project which could fail.  Heck, it’s less than a Big Mac lunch meal.

dome diy

Now for the bad news, I hate it on the buffet.  Ugh.  The dome was too small and just didn’t look right at all.  I still wanted to project because with all the shelves in our living room, the dome could easily find a home . . . and I had glitter pumpkins for it.  We all know my love of glitter so they had to make it into the house somewhere.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of how I refinished the dome plate.

1. Sand down the plate.  I used a rougher sandpaper to smooth out the base and then a finer sandpaper to really smooth it out.  Greg would be so proud of me using two sandpapers!

dome diy

2. Wipe it down.  You don’t want to spray it with all the sandpaper created dust.

3. Get a piece of cardboard and head outside with your spray paint and dome base.  Lightly spray it and let it dry.

dome diy

4. Repeat the process until you have the desired coverage.

5. Place pumpkins under the dome and situation in your room.

dome diy

I ended up placing the dome in the living room—not on the shelves but on our coffee table.

Side note: don’t think I didn’t move everything on the shelves to make it work. 

The dome doesn’t bother Hazel and I like how it pulls the warm tones from the dining room into the living room.  I can even change the items under the dome each season.  Maybe next month I’ll place a few Christmas balls under it!


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