Five on Friday: NYC Marathon

Do you have a dream? In two days Greg will be living out one of his dreams– running in the New York City Marathon. For as long as we’ve been dating, he’s been attempting to get in.  This will be his sixth and most likely final marathon but what a way to end his long distance running career.


It’s been quite an eventful year for us and this race is the perfect way to end it. He’ll be running the streets of New York with 47,000 other runners for a lonely 26.2 miles.  As of now the weather is looking good for them (let’s keep our fingers crossed it stays that way).

Today’s Five on Friday is all about running. So let’s cheer on all the runners as they race after their dreams. Good luck to Greg, Wendy, and Alek– we’ll be looking and cheering for you!

1. Run Fatboy Run

It’s a silly movie about Simon Pegg trying to run a marathon to win back his ex girlfriend. At first glance the movie looks silly but it resonates with runners from the blister scene to hitting the wall. The wall scene is my favorite because it captures that feeling so perfectly. In case your wondering hits it around mile 18 which is why we are cheering for him there.

2. Running shoes

summer-sneakers-400x400Do yourself a favor and go to a specialty running store to find sneakers. They’ll check how you walk and identify the best shoes for you.

3. Marathon signs

If you’re going to cheer for a runner, make a sign. As I said running 26.2 miles can be lonely and spectators make a huge difference. Funny, sweet, or sentimental– it’s doesn’t matter. Go out there and cheer as loud as you can.

4. Pizza

Greg and I have a tradition of making pizza the night before a big race (ok, fine sometimes ordering pizza.) here is a great recipe for pizza.

5. Nipple tape

enhanced-buzz-9450-1381782668-5Guys, please remember to band aid or tape up before running. You don’t want this happening to you.


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