The Online Dating Presumption

Ever notice how picking a wall color is like online dating?

Before you start questioning my sanity hear me out.

Walking into Home Depot a giant wall of options calls out to you just like logging into  You sprint over and start identifying your favorites like online dating.  You can wink at some of the colors by bring them home but really go on a date with them when you bring home the test pot.

You might have a great test pot but when you put it in a different area, it rears its ugly head and you realize he’s not for you.  Much like testing out your date with your friends. If he passes their tests, then he’s a keeper.

Or you might venture into a paint spree with four testers over a short amount of time to realize none of them work. And unlike dating, none of them will ask you to join forces on the check.

With this house, we’ve had luck with our painting colors on the first try although I’m still questioning our choice in the man cave.  I have been wavering on posting about our hallway experience because I didn’t want to share another “this is how we painted our hallway” post.  Painting the hallway issued a new challenge to us due to the varying light in the hallway.  Our hallway covers two floors with great light in spots and horrible light in others and the experience reminded me of my online dating experience.

We started off thinking we knew what we wanted and brought home two paint colors/dates but only as the paint chips.  We positioned the two paint chips in four different areas of the hallway to see how we felt about them.

After living them with, we hated them.  The whites which looked warm in the store looked blue and cold in our house.  Off we went to the giant wall to select a few more studs, I mean paint colors.

Once we identified what we disliked about the two colors (the cool tones) we decided to search out warmer colors which would blend nicely with the cooler tone of the living room.  At Home Depot we purchased five test jars of color after debating colors hour what seemed like hours. Greg valiantly fought for a color because it was named Hazelnut Creme and I humored him since it was going on his credit card.

We painted squares of color in five areas of our hallway– by the front door, the kitchen, across from the man cave, in the stairwell, and across from the office. If you are painting a hallway, I recommend painting in several areas to see how the colors look in different lights. Don’t forget to check the paint at different times too.


Side note: you can also paint white cardboard and place it on the wall. My parents prefer this method.

After living with the five colors and evaluating at them at various times of day, we chose our winner– Hazelnut Creme . . . . the color Greg wanted due to the name. We debated between two colors but Hazelnut Creme looked better in the dark/dusk than the other color.

Before we started painting, we hung our new artwork– prints from a calendar of various cities. I picked the calendar because I loved the prints but mainly because we had been to five of the cities.

Frames from Ikea

Frames from Ikea

Side note: Young House Love hung the same calendar in their hallway but I purchased first. Great minds must think alike.

Why am I hanging our pictures before painting? This way we can mark up the wall and not have to worry about touching up freshly painted walls. To hang the pictures, I used the frame insert to eyeball my placement and then moved them around using actual measurements.


Then Greg came home and got very technical with his measurements.


Off they came once we had the nails in and placement correct. We taped the walls before applying our wall color and got started. The hallway took about two hours to paint with Greg rolling and me cutting. We did a second coat after lunch and followed it the next day with painting all the trim.


Doesn’t it look great?


In the end, we purchased two gallons of paint ($55), six picture frames ($72), and one calendar ($12). We barely touched the second gallon of paint and already had the trim paint from our living room project. The color warms the hallway and the art provides a great visual traveling up the stairs.


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